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All events at Minc are free of charge and open for everyone. You need to sign up to attend. If the event is fully booked you’ll be added to our waiting list, and we’ll let you know if a spot opens up.
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About Minc Events

Minc hosts monthly events with speakers ranging from thought leaders in the local and global startup community to internationally renowned TED speakers. Their common denominator is that they push boundaries, and that they come to Minc to talk about it - completely free of charge for everyone to attend.

Minc’s events space is an open space for collaboration, so we encourage events and workshop facilitators to contact us about hosting events of their own at Minc. The content of the event needs to be in relation to

entrepreneurship, startups or innovation, and should not be to promote a specific product or service, but rather have an added value for the Malmö startup community.

If you’re interested in hosting an event at Minc, please contact Minc’s Head of Startup Labs, Mikaela, by clicking the button below.

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