Minc works as the bridge between the investor and the startups

We connect investors to the most exciting startups

Minc works as the bridge between the investor and the startups - on the one end we vet the startups before they join Minc, and on the other we bring some of the most prolific and experienced investors to Minc.

Are you an investor and want to hear more, contact our Head of Fast Track Capital, Ida.

IN 2021
MINC COMPANIES Exited to apple

Fast Track

Minc is managing the co-investment company, Fast Track Capital (FTC). FTC exist to build the ecosystem and plays an important part for startups and business angels. FTC has some of the most experienced angels in Southern Sweden but also new angels, as well as angels from other parts of Sweden.

What our Investors say about us
To be a part of Fast Track Capital and the Minc community has given me, as an investor, access to a great network. Not only have I made connections with other investors, but also with interesting startups. I’m also able to spread my risk by investing in the FTC fund since it consists of many different companies. Other than that, Minc also organises lots of fun workshops and events where you can get involved as an active investor on many different levels, depending on how much time you have.
Magdalena Gräff, Business Angel
What our Investors say about us
I got the opportunity to sit in the nomination committee and to meet the incubator companies from Minc and Ideon Innovation. I believe in the FTC3 model where the start-ups can get a fast investment and have access to smart capital in our Angel network. In turn the angel investors have access to interesting cases in the FTC3 portfolio.
Michel Massadakis, Business Angel & Entrepreneur

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