Mincs prioritizes sustainability with innovative practices for a greener future.

Minc ❤ ISO

At Minc, our ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification is more than a commitment; it's our blueprint for success. ISO certification amplifies our credibility and builds trust among our valued employees, startups and partners. It empowers us with a competitive edge, elevating our presence in the market by adhering to globally recognized standards.

Beyond this, ISO provides us with a self-declaration to refine our internal processes, ensuring optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It guarantees that we're in sync with industry-specific regulations and appeals to socially conscious investors and partners who share our commitment to sustainability.

Moreover, ISO's emphasis on continuous improvement keeps us on the path of excellence, offering our stakeholders the assurance of uncompromising quality and responsible practices. Join us on this journey towards a better, more sustainable future.

Minc strategy 20+

Minc is managing the co-investment company, Fast Track Capital (FTC). FTC exist to build the ecosystem and plays an important part for startups and business angels. FTC has some of the most experienced angels in Southern Sweden but also new angels, as well as angels from other parts of Sweden.

Code of Conduct

Step into our community, where innovation and inclusion shine. Our Code of Conduct is our compass, guiding us toward a place where every member can flourish. Together, let's build a positive and uplifting environment. Join us in embracing these principles, the heart of our community's spirit.

Minc’s Code of Conduct Our Code of Conduct, and the values it is based upon, are reflected in all Minc’s activities and relations. It involves staff, suppliers, entrepreneurs, employers,
partners, investors, board members and any other entities with relations to Minc.