Give back & connect
Give back & connect
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Join the Scale community that propels your startup with the power of mentorship and collaboration.

Ongoing applications.

What You'll Get:

  • Community & Support: A vibrant ecosystem where mentors, coaches, and partners embrace a 'Give First' attitude to uplift your startup.
  • Learning & Engagement: Engaging workshops and events each month to inspire and upskill your team, available digitally and in-person.
  • Growth & Opportunities: Navigate the challenges of scaling with the collective strength of a startup community.
  • Inclusive Mentorship: Flourish in an open atmosphere with seasoned leaders (CEOs, COOs, CMOs, CTOs, CFOs) nurturing your growth without forced matchups.
  • Networking Meetups: Regularly connect with an extensive network, including 15+ mentors and 20+ startups, earning a 94% recommendation rate.

Apply Now If You:

  • Are a standout tech startup in Malmö ready to expand.
  • Are a mentor from the Öresund region with a big heart for Malmö, aiming to give back to the startup community.
  • Seek to engage in a mentorship environment that allows natural, organic connections.
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What you can expect in Startup Labs

  • community

    More than 40 nationalities, 40% females, more than 60 startups available on and offline to assist you

  • toolboxes

    Digital toolboxes with links, tutorials, and templates to help you in your early stage

  • Coaching

    Tech, funding, sustainability and startup experts there to assist you

  • seminar

    Frequent on- and offline seminars to share, develop and increase your knowledge to help your develop your business

  • network

    A big network of experts within legal, taxes, IP rights, banking, IoT, bookkeeping and PreInk network

  • partner deals

    Great deals from some of the worlds largest partners

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What you can expect on the Incubator

  • Coaching

    Tech, marketing, funding, sustainability and startup experts there to assist you


    More than 40 nationalities, 40% females, more than 60 startups available on and offline to assist you


    Access to our Tech Lab and its' Tech Coaches, where you can develop your first prototype and your tech skills


    Networking opportunities such as the chance to pitch to selectively invited investors, business angels and industry professionals at our event Minc Capital Day


    Possibility of a 300,000 SEK investment from Fast Track Capital III

  • partner deals

    Benefits to the value of 2,500,000 SEK with partners such as AWS, Notion, IBM & Google

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What you can expect


    Coaching I Mentorship I Partners
    We know you need a community to run a successful company. Thats why we have a Give First approach together with mentors, coaches and partners to support the start ups.


    Workshops I Activities I Event
    To learn you need to have fun. Our purpose is to inspire entrepreneurs and to share tools to up-skill teams to the next level. Events will be held on a monthly basis – digital and live.

  • GROW

    Funding I Sales I Marketing
    Overcoming common scaling challenges like fundraising, sales and marketing is tough. But with a cohort community structure it is easier to reach the next step.


    We believe that relationships grow in free and open environment. That is why we don't match start up founders and mentors. Instead we "let it happen" naturally. Mentors are holding or held CEO/COO/CMO/CTO/CFO or other key positions.

RecomMeNd the program

What you can expect

  • €50k investment

    A convertible note of €50,000 that will convert to equity at the next equity financing round, is issued to all startups on the batch.

  • Office space

    Access to all of the co-working resources designed specifically for startups including a reception, WiFi, free meeting rooms, inspiring talks and keynotes, the whole Minc network and of course unlimited coffee.

  • Online & Onsite

    Weekly workshops on themes such as marketing, sales, fundraising and growth and be asked to complete deliverables around these to make your company investment ready.

  • a great community

    Malmö has one of the most exciting and vibrant startup communities in Europe and is perfectly located just 30 mins away from Copenhagen and 20 mins away from CPH Airport, the busiest and best- connected airport in the Nordics.

  • Industry best tools

    A package worth over €250,000 in services and credits from companies such as IBM, AWS, Google, Microsoft, Matlab and Stripe.

  • nordic demo day

    The opportunity to pitch your startup to more than 100 investors from all over the world during the Fast Track Malmö finale Nordic Demo Day 18th May.

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What others say

Since I have not previously been part of a tech-startup, this felt super important and very helpful, I have learnt so much and can't wait until I'm in the phase where everything will be implemented.

Danijel Stankovic
Co-founder Shinner

Vill fortsätta min kontakt med Minc och dess community efter programmet, känns som det nyss har startat!

Charlotte Persson
CEO Awaio

Jag skulle rekommendera Minc Scale till alla som vill skala sitt bolag. Vi har fått ta del av grym coaching, inspirerande ögonöppnare men samtidigt hands on värde-adderande aktiviteter som hjälpt oss växa!

Josef Weidman
CEO Weiq

Känner att vi behöver mer stöd en någonsin. Tycker det är bra att Minc erbjuder ett sammanhang efter Inkubatorn!

Rasmus Persson
CEO Homepal

Meet your coaches

Jonas Jönsson

Business Coach

Jonas has been coaching startups for 15 years, focusing on early product development, financing & team.

Dennis Åström

Program Manager

Has a background at Almi and and got a black belt in developing business models.

Nino Subotic

Accelerator Co-Lead

Founder went accelerator co-lead. Go to market, UX, Growth, Marketing.Co-Lead Minc Accelerator

Katja Fjellström

Business Coach

Curious to the core. Driven by inspiring, leading, and finding synergies that create relationships

Ulf Christiansson

Tech Coach

From early startups to Fortune 500 companies. Defining direction, building high performance teams and leading through change. Doing. Teaching. Coaching.

Rickard Hansson

Tech Coach

A serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience building successful companies like lemoon®, Way2IT, damoon®, Incentive, Dynamics Connect™, Spectrum (no, not that Spectrum), and more.

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