Nordic Female Investor Meetup

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Nordic Female Investor Meetup

Diverse teams create more value

It is 2021, and female founded & co-founded companies still get less than 7% of the total investments worldwide. We need more female investors, and we need more women to realize that they have the power to become investors and entrepreneurs themselves. 

That’s why we are bringing some of the most prominent voices together on Nordic Female Investor Meetup (NFIM2021), on the 27th of October. We believe that together, we can help female founded and co-founded companies to receive more. Nordic Female Investor Meetup (NFIM) is held for the fifth time to set focus on the challenges and opportunities still lying ahead, and to encourage and inspire more women into the startup world.


09:30 Doors opens @Studio

10:00 Welcome to NFIM 2021  Moderator Aisha Mossberg

10:10 "Time to Raise" Peggy Poon

10:20 Pinc Capital - 10 Nordic Startups are pitching too a jury (Almi Invest, Pale Blue Dot, Crawberry Capital & Liseno ApS)

12:00 Lunch Break

13:00 Opening NFIM 2021  Moderator Aisha Mossberg

13:15 "How do you fulfil your dreams?" Keynote speaker - Hellen Wohlin Lidgard

13:40 "Patent Paradox: Why are there so few female inventors?"  Christina Wainikka, Researcher

14:00 Refill-your-coffee-break

14:10 Update on the VC ecosystem Miriam Olsson Jeffery

14:20 Panel discussion: What is femwashing? Nora Bavey, Malin Frithiofsson & Bogdan Tudosoiu

14:50 Network fika + Investor Corner - Meet Queen Invest in the Investor Corner. Investors: Mette Gross, Magdalena Gräff-Risberg, Anita Otterheim & Jeanette Andersson

15:20 Update on Ownershift - Linda Waxin

15:30 "From a feminist activist to a venture capital investor" Gerda Larsson, Investor

15:50 "Change the world, dare to go deep tech!" Vanja Samuelsson, Founder

16:10 Prize giving cermoney: Pinc Founder of the year

16:20 Closing remarks


Hellen Wohlin Lidgard

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

Hellen Wohlin Lidgard is a serial entrepreneur in tech, data analytics, e-health, and e-learning, and has previously founded and co-founded several companies. She's also an investor, board professional, and advisor that helped several companies like Perfect Day Media, Prismatic Sensors, ROA, Detail Merchandising, and Ping Pong exit to international players.

Hellen will share both highlights and hard times from her life as an entrepreneur and investor. She believes that, as long as there is a clear vision and knowledge in making money, you don't need to be living in a capital city or be known by the media in order to succeed.

Christina Wainikka

Policy Expert at Confederation of Swedish Enterprise

Throughout her career, Christina has focused on issues related to knowledge-based assets, such as trademarks and patents. Her latest study "Women Entrepreneurs in New Technology-Based Businesses in Sweden: Their Experiences as Inventors, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs" is researching why even though women represent 35% of all engineers that graduate, only 14% are registered as inventors.

Gerda Larsson

Curitas Ventures

As a strong voice for gender equality, innovation and entrepreneurship, Gerda co-founded and led The Case for Her, a femtech and women’s health investment portfolio. She is the former Deputy Executive Director at UN Women Sweden, CEO at Charity Rating, and CSO at Mitt Alby. Gerda has a long resume of roles and awards such as #1 talent in Sweden by Nova Talent and the Power Together-award by Women Political Leaders.

Vanja Samuelsson

CEO at Qoitech

Vanja founded Qoitech in 2017, an energy tech start-up based in Lund, Sweden. Her background is in engineering and product development for telecom industry and most recently research and innovation on 5G, cellular IoT connectivity and low power IoT. She's passionate about lowering our energy consumption and footprint, by means of smart product development.

Miriam Olsson Jeffery

Dagens Industri

With experience from working as a business and tech journalist both in Sweden and in Silicon Valley, where Miriam was a correspondent for Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens industri and IDG, she has a deep understanding of the tech world. She has for many years put effort into cover equality, diversity and inclusion in tech, and is a co-organizer and moderator of the Female Founders event at Di Digital/Dagens industri.

Pinc Capital

Are you a female founder or co-founder running a high-potential startup?

Pinc Capital is a pitching event held by Minc in conjunction with the highly appreciated conference Nordic Female Investor Meetup.

Pinc Capital is open for Nordic startups with at least one female founder. Applying companies should be innovative startups with high ambitions and growth-potential. Applicants must be established businesses and should preferably have raised some investments before the pitch.

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Nordic Female Investor Meetup

Companies Presenting


Helga Valfells

Investor, Crowberry Capital

Been happily involved in all aspects of the venture economy since 1999.

Malene Enø


Angel Investor, Liseno

Ann-Sofie Hörlin

Almi Invest

Ann-Sofie works as an investment manager and is responsible for the entire investment process, which means finding, investing in and developing innovative companies.

Heidi Lindvall

Pale Blue Dot

Heidi Lindvall is a general partner at Pale Blue Dot, the ClimateTech VC fund in Europe.

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