Past Events

Minc hosts monthly events with speakers ranging from thought leaders in the local and global startup community to internationally renowned TED speakers.

Bigger Minc Events

22 Sept

Nordic Female Investor Meetup

It is 2022, and female founded & co-founded companies still get less than 7% of the total investments worldwide. We need more female investors and entrepreneurs, and we need more women to realize that they have the power to become investors and entrepreneurs themselves. 

Minc Capital Day

This is the event were we’re looking to match investors interested in extraordinary startups that have identified a gap in the market, or invented a new market altogether, and know how to address it. Our startups that are admitted to the Minc Incubator have products or services that are innovative, sustainable, and internationally scalable.

2 Okt
10 Okt

Nordic Demo Day

Nordic Demo Day is the day we bring together the best Nordic startups and international investors in a setting encouraging meaningful conversations and quality matchmaking. The event is attended by more than 100 investors including some of the biggest international VC funds scouting their next investment. Nordic Demo Day is a great place to raise your seed round.

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