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Welcome to Startup Labs

Are you driven, self motivated, curious and want to build something bigger than yourself? Minc believes in a world of opportunities. To support people with a desire to explore ideas and give early entrepreneurs the essential tools to create and build new products and services is in our mission. This is why we have created Startup Labs.

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  • Validate your business idea.
  • Get the grip around financing.
  • Learn how to build you first prototype.
  • Create your early sales.
  • Develop your idea into a business.
  • Get inspired by others starting their journey, serial entrepreneurs building their next business and experts from different fields.
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How Startup Labs works

At Startup Labs you are in the driving seat, making your way forward. This is what we provide you with, in order for you to reach your goals:

  • A digital toolbox with advice for how to start a business, and within financing, validation of your idea, team and sales.
  • Minc community of entrepreneurs.
  • Non-designated workspace.
  • Monthly events.
  • Open desks, where experts in their field give short coaching sessions.
  • Free wifi and chat by the (free) coffee machine culture.

Ready to go? Apply today and we will get back to you regarding your idea and how we may support you.


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