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Mashup is crafted for the most ambitious startups ranging from Pre-seed to Series A, as well as the foremost Venture Capitalists (VCs), Limited Partners (LPs), Angels, Family Offices, and Partners across Europe.⁠

• 450 entrepreneurs and investors only by invitation

• ⁠⁠Optimised for meaningful connections and serendipity

•⁠ No other event comes close to this face to face access

Mashup is the most exclusive startup conference in Europe limited to invites only. In our team, we’re a mix of previous VC professionals and entrepreneurs. We recognize VC-fundable startups and top-tier VCs and create a memorable experience for this unique community. Mashup distinguishes itself as a community-led event with a strong focus on co-creation. Embracing the "give first" mentality, we recognize the wealth of generosity within the startup community. Our uniqueness lies in promoting dialogues over monologues. We foster collaboration through side events, round tables, group sessions, and more.

*Mashup is not run by Minc

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