February 25, 2022

We Are Minc - A different startup journey with Minire

We Are Minc - A different startup journey with Minire

A community can create great power, people connect with others and thrive. This is the story of two entrepreneurs that found each other at Minc and decided to create a business together. Meet Maltin Coku and Nils Betsholtz with their startup, Minire.

In mid-Autumn both Nils and Maltin applied to our early-stage program Startup Labs, both of them with their own a business idea. Nils with reusable lunch boxes and Maltin with a platform for matching charity organizations with companies. They usually sat in front och each other working and with time they got to know one another. They soon realized that they wanted to create something together, and just like that - Minire, their new business idea, was in the making.


Nils background in sales and Maltins in programming was a perfect match. The idea came from Maltin who'd seen first hand how school's had struggles with renting out IT equipment to students. Maltin pitched both the problem and a solution to Nils who loved it and was quick to jump in and start working with it, Minire was born.


Since both of them already participated in the different workshops offered at Startup Labs on how to start, they knew what to focus on. They began by putting up a timeline, on how long they were going to test their idea before deciding if it would be a success or not, followed with market research to find out if there was a need for their product.

Founders of Minire, Nils Betsholtz and Maltin Coku
Founders of Minire, Nils Betsholtz and Maltin Coku


They spent most of the first time getting to know the potential customer, interviewing over 60 schools and learning their tactics. From the beginning they tried to spontaneously visit schools, but that turned out to be impossible. But emailing worked, and their best tip is to be authentic when doing it.

"You don’t need a fancy email address to reach out, just be you!"
- Nils Betsholtz

Being a startup comes with a fair shares of challenges - from how to package your product or service to know if your business idea actually is something that others are willing to pay for. Both Malitin and Nils agree that it's important to have a partner to tackle obstacles, to motivate each other and most important - someone to celebrate your victories with.

At the moment Maltin is working on developing the program and Nils is focusing on the selling part of the product. But the story doesn’t end there. They are learning from each other and also trying out each other's fields. Both hard-working people, driven to take their startup to the next level.


  • Having someone to discuss your idea with. Good and honest communication is key!
  • To motivate each other, and to be working with someone that complements your knowledge.
  • It’s fun!


  • The community! You can always find someone to talk to.
  • The coaches at Minc helped us a lot.
  • The social network at Minc, someone always knows someone to contact.

We can't wait to see the result of your collaboration! 🌟

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