December 28, 2021

Meet Minc - Daniel Persson

Meet Minc - Daniel Persson

Meet Daniel Persson, our new CEO at Minc! From a startup journey to leading the Startup House of Malmö, Daniel has been a part of the journey that our entrepreneurs are taking. Now it's time for him to lead us and we have so much to learn from him. Take a few minutes to get to know Daniel and don't hesitate to get in touch with him.

Welcome to Minc, Daniel! What are you most excited about with your new job?

I would say to finally be here and to get to know the team and the entrepreneurs and companies inside Minc, it has been a few months of nervous waiting from signing to finally get going and I am really looking forward to finding out how we can improve to create even more successful companies.

Can you name two subjects close to your heart that you’ll want to focus on here at Minc?

I think Minc has done an amazing job when it comes to diversity and equality from both a founder and an investor point of view, both creating awareness, NFIM, and also having a strategic goal, 50/50 for 2024, so this is something we of course will focus on. Also as said before, understanding how we can improve the services Minc provides to increase the success rate and also increase the collaboration with our peers, both within Malmö and within the region.

There’s a lot happening in technology today - which area or inventions do you personally think are the most interesting in the tech world right now and why?

This is a really difficult question and I am probably not the best one to answer since my deeper tech skills are somewhat limited. I have always been exploring how you can create value, business or consumer, by combining technologies into new processes or services. One thing I heard about some time ago was that some scientists might have found a way to use or turn bricks into energy storing devices, not sure if it could be considered a technology but it's really cool, talk about value add into an existing product!

Do you have any odd talents or interests?

I'm not sure if it's an odd talent, and not sure I can do it anymore, but I was pretty a pretty decent juggler when I was younger.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Yes for example I can't stop watching the tv-series "Gold Rush" and "Naked and afraid" they always seem to be on the air when I'm about to go to bed 😄

This or that:

  • Coffee or tea?  Coffee
  • Cat or dog?  Cat
  • Football or golf?  Golf
  • Hamburger or sushi?  Hamburger
  • Min Doktor or Minc?  Minc

What do you think is a good characteristic for an entrepreneur to possess?

If I have to decide on one I would say grit but of course, there are a few others; curiosity, braveness, the ability to think outside the box.

What's your biggest takeaway from the journey you were a part of at Min Doktor?

Its almost impossible to narrow it down to one take away but of course to see that something that once was more of a vision and a promising concept became a startup and later a potential scale-up and today a rather large company - to be able to manage that with a portion of grit, vision, luck and finding the right people to help us achieve this is, of course, an invaluable experience.

Minc The Startup House in Malmö

What's the best thing about Malmö?

I think a mixture of a rather "young" population and dynamic city - also a more laidback approach, not lazy though, if you compare the region in general with Stockholm for example, a little less stress and formality.

What is the best thing about Minc?

I would say the special and fantastic atmosphere or culture inside Minc, it's something I have never experienced before in my work life and it's fantastic and something we all should be really proud of!

Welcome to the Minc team, Daniel! We can't wait to see where you lead us!

About Minc

At Minc, we believe in creating something bigger than yourself. We offer everything an entrepreneur needs to go from concept to market in-house. Our international network of advisors and award-winning programs will help your startup scale faster and smarter. Welcome to the startup house of Malmö.

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