Meet the people that keep the lights on

The Minc Team

Daniel Persson


Kinga Broel-Plater

Head of Incubator

Jonas Jönsson

Business Coach, Incubator

Jenny Strömberg

Business Coach, Incubator

Dennis Åström

Business Coach, Incubator
dennis@minc.se0702 559 255

Nino Subotic

Accelerator Co-Lead Fast Track Malmö
nino@minc.se0708 305 117

Melinda Elmborg

Accelerator Co-Lead Fast Track Malmö

Anja Sergeeva

Communications & Content Producer Fast Track Malmö

Ida Herbertsson

Portfolio Manager, Fast Track Capital 0709 130 822

Krister Mossberg

Head of Startup Labs, Project Manager SPIRA & PreInk
krister@minc.se0766 296 646

Katja Fjellström

Business Coach, Startup Labs
katja@minc.se0703 002 801

Johan Skärskog

Business Coach, Startup Labs
johan@minc.se0706 445 832

Per Ögren

Head of Minc Tourism Accelerator
per@minc.se0766 29 66 38

Dzenis Skopljak

Community & Events Manager
dzenis@minc.se076 409 0716

Sofie Olsson

Head of Communications
sofie@minc.se0709 558 871

Carmen Gomez Leal

Communication Coordinator
carmen@minc.se0708 471 319

Mia Levenius

Facility Manager
mia@minc.se0734 340 000

Karin Lintrup

Head of Sustainability
karin@minc.se0761 747 587

Yvonne Malmgren

Project Manager
yvonne@minc.se0734 340 004

Ulf Christiansson

Technology Advisor

Rickard Hansson

Technology Advisor

Charlotte Frank

Administrative Project Manager

Eva Ohlsson


Anette Larsson


The Minc Board

Jonas Michanek

Entrepreneur, author and speaker with a focus on creativity and innovation 

Charlotta Falvin

Board professional, Former CEO of mobile company TAT

Göran Nilsson

CEO IKEA Ingka Services

Carin Daal

Strategic and project manager at the communications agency Giv akt

Pehr Andersson

Director of Trade & Industry at the City of Malmö

Anna Werntoft

Ikano, former CEO of Stratiteq

Anna Borg

Entrepreneur and CEO Topp Design & Innovation

Jan Erik Solem

Founder of Polar Rose and Mapillary. Now Engineering Director, Spatial Computing at Facebook.


Former Member of Parliament. Today entrepreneur with the freedom as a driving force

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