Japan Business and Innovation Hub

The Japan Business & Innovation Hub is a bridge connecting ambitious Japanese startups with the vibrant ecosystems of Scandinavia and Europe.‍

Welcome to the Japan Business & Innovation Hub at Minc, Malmö

We are Japan Business and Innovation Hub, a new project aimed at bringing Malmö and Japan closer together. Our mission is to connect the Malmö region and Japanese businesses through innovation. 

The Japan Business and Innovation Hub in Malmö is where Japanese start-ups, companies, innovators and other stakeholders can connect with their counterparts in the Malmö region. We provide a meeting place for innovative and passionate minds. 


Japan Business and Innovation Hub is here to:

  • Provide customized advice and information to innovative companies wishing to establish relations between the Malmö region and Japan
  • Organize events, seminars and workshops that stimulate cooperation and networking
  • Assist Japanese delegations considering to make a visit to the region's innovation system in their planning process
  • Assist innovative start-ups and companies in the Malmö region to establish business relations with Japan.
  • Support Japanese innovative companies wishing to establish their business or investment in the city of Malmö

We provide the above services in collaboration with partner organizations in the Malmö region and Japan, and through the extensive experience, knowledge and network of the Hub members.

Upcoming activities

Startup Initiative Program

We are immensely proud and excited to share that this June, on 10, 11, 12th, we will host a Startup Initiative Program for 10 innovative companies from West Japan with support from the city of Kobe. This is the first step in a long-term effort to encourage more startups to come to the Malmö region and recognise the potential for growth here. This will also be an opportunity for both Swedish and Japanese startups to stimulate each other and contribute to further synergies. 



Hej! Japan Business and Innovation Hubは、イノベーションを通じてマルメ広域経済圏と日本を繋ぐ目的で開設されました。ハブはイノベーションに関わる日本のスタートアップ、企業、各組織や団体が、同じマインドを持つマルメ広域圏のカウンターパートとつながる場です。革新的な頭脳と情熱が出会い、ネクストステージへとつなげる機会と場所を提供します。


  • マルメ経済広域圏と日本とのビジネス関係構築を希望する革新的な企業へのアドバイスや情報の提供
  • コラボレーションやネットワーキングを加速するイベントやセミナー、ワークショップの開催
  • マルメ経済広域圏のイノベーション・システムの訪問を検討する日本からの視察団の計画立案支援
  • マルメ経済広域圏の革新的なスタートアップや企業が、日本とのビジネス関係を構築するための支援
  • マルメ市への企業進出や投資を希望する革新的な日本企業のサポート






Contact Information / 連絡先

Japan Business and Innovation Hub Malmö

Anckargripsgatan 3, 21119 Malmö,  Sweden

(Located at Minc - The Startup House of Malmö)

Project manager

Hiromi Blomberg ブロムベリひろみ


Email: hiromi.blomberg@minc.se 

Mobile: +46 72 723 7050

Project manager 

Ida Johansson


Email: ida.johansson@minc.se 

Mobile: + 46 76 049 7486

We communicate in English, Swedish and in Japanese


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