February 29, 2024

Your Weekend Project Could Be the Next Big Thing - Real Life Stories from Minc Sprint Alumni

Your Weekend Project Could Be the Next Big Thing - Real Life Stories from Minc Sprint Alumni

Ever wondered if your weekend hobby could be the next big startup story? In Malmö’s dynamic startup scene, we see it happen more often than you’d think. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill fairytale success montage. It’s about real people – maybe just like you – dreamers, hustlers, and yes, early-stage founders who might not even label themselves so yet. They're transforming their weekend projects into serious, ‘Yes, I’m really doing this' business.

At Minc, we're surrounded by these inspiring dreamers and doers every day. Some, like Miranda & Tarik - the team behind SliceOn, have taken the leap, turning their side projects into full-time ventures. Others, like Ahmed, Hani, and Emilie, who juggle their entrepreneurial dreams with daily life’s realities.´

In a world where being an entrepreneur is often glamorized, or worse, oversimplified, we're here to cut through the clichés. Forget the ‘drop everything and jump in’ approach. It’s often a rocky dance between a day job, personal commitments, and nurturing your business idea during those precious early mornings or late nights. It’s not always about those lightbulb, eureka ideas. It’s about the grind, the resilience, and sometimes, the sheer stubbornness to keep going even when the path isn't clear.

So, if you’re holding onto an idea, thinking it’s too small or too unconventional - give it a second thought. That weekend project of yours? It might just be the next big hit. So, welcome to the real, down-to-earth, ‘hey, I can do this too’ stories of Minc Sprint alumni. Unfiltered, genuine, and utterly inspiring.

Disclaimer: you might need a cup of coffee, this is a long read, but totally worth it ;) 


  • Stories of real people overcoming real challenges for real progress.
  • Don't just dream about your idea – act on it.
  • Juggling jobs and startups requires persistence and adaptability.
  • Embrace new challenges and learn as you go.
  • Resilience and a strong support network are your superpowers.
  • Minc is a supportive community that helps you grow.
  • Minc Sprint is where you can turn your idea into reality.
  • Read more here and apply to our upcoming Sprint batch.

Miranda & Tarik, Sliceon: From Day Jobs to Dream Jobs

In the world of startups, it's one thing to dream, and quite another to dive headfirst into making that dream a reality. This is exactly what Miranda and Tarik of Sliceon did. Their story isn't just about an idea taking flight; it's about passion for your idea and lots of smart work.

Hi Miranda and Tarik, it's great to have you here. Can you tell us a bit about Sliceon and how it all started?

Miranda: Sliceon is a platform that lets you invest in fractionalized real estate. We divide real estate assets into smaller, affordable shares, making it accessible to a wider range of investors. My journey in the NFT sphere [the world of Non-Fungible Tokens, unique digital assets verified using blockchain technology] and crossing paths with Tarik through a different venture naturally led me here.

Tarik: And I brought the real estate angle. Being in the blockchain & crypto space since 2015, combined with my HVAC [Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning - the technology of indoor environmental comfort] industry experience and real estate connections opened this unique opportunity in sector, combining blockchain with real estate.

Are you both working on Sliceon full-time now? How did you make the transition from your day jobs?

Tarik: Yes, I am now fully dedicated to Sliceon. I managed to balance my day job with developing Sliceon until it felt like the right time to make a full commitment. This transition started in April 2023, and by November, I was ready to focus all my energy on Sliceon.

Miranda: My move to working full-time on Sliceon came unexpectedly. Beginning with a period of sick leave, which led to my departure from my previous job. This change, though unplanned, aligned perfectly with my path towards reaching my full potential. Embracing this new direction, despite some initial doubts, has brought me to fully commit to Sliceon.

How did Minc Sprint support your journey?

Tarik: Minc Sprint was a great journey for us. It was all about validating our idea and networking. The start-up atmosphere at Minc was refreshing and we felt the shared commitment from other start-ups working on their ideas and vision.

Miranda: It really opened us up to lots of new experiences and questions from different people. This made us resilient and gave us constant chances to stay true to ourselves, even when we were dealing with all sorts of opinions. And this was super important, especially when we came across people who were really unsure about what we were doing.

What challenges did you face along the way, and how did you overcome them?

Miranda: One major challenge was realizing that we needed to talk to the right people - - the ones who really get what we're trying to do. Initially, we met with numerous skeptics who didn’t see the potential in our idea. But soon we learned - there's a whole world of people out there who are just as excited and in tune with our vision as we are. That shift in approach accelerated our progress significantly.

What is your experience entering the traditional realms of real estate and blockchain as a young, diverse team and how did you turn this into an opportunity?

Miranda: It's been quite the journey! In a sector that's mostly white and male, I found myself in a unique position. Instead of feeling overlooked, I viewed it as a chance to stand out and bring a fresh perspective. And the big thing for me was to tackle it with real integrity, making sure I wasn't underselling what I bring to the table.

Tarik: For me, having a background in both real estate and blockchain has been a huge advantage. It's given me the right kind of insights to steer through these fields successfully and strategically.

Staying confident in those situations must've been tough. How did you manage?

Miranda: It's about strong self-belief and sticking to your vision. You've got to be stubbornly optimistic about your idea, almost delusional. Or doubts will creep in, especially in the traditional industry like ours.

Tarik: Staying confident in challenging situations, really came down to knowing who I am and sticking to that. I often took time alone to think, making sure my passions and goals lined up. This kind of self-reflection helped me stay on track and not get distracted by whatever was going on around me.

Having a support network is key too. Minc Sprint provided a community where we felt understood. That kind of backing really helps when you're facing skepticism in the industry.

What's your advice for early-stage entrepreneurs who might feel out of place in their chosen industries?

Miranda: Embrace what sets you apart. Your unique ideas and ways are exactly what innovation needs. Don't be afraid to challenge the norm.

Tarik: Find yourself first. Focus on what you do best, make mistakes, adjust and go forward, always.

And what would you say to someone hesitant about their startup idea?

Tarik: Start by strengthening your own foundation. Ensure you're solid enough in who you are, so that external doubts or insecurities, projected by others, don't sway you. If you're not firmly grounded, it's way too easy to get influenced by what's happening around you. Make your own space and stand strong in it.

Miranda: Embrace your vision, even if it appears far-fetched. Recognize any thoughts where you feel unworthy or when you see things as limited, and then consciously reprogram your mind. Every day presents an opportunity to define yourself through the minor tasks, decisions, and choices you make. Your present circumstances reflect the patterns of your subconscious thinking. Once you get this, it'll eliminate any hesitation. And if you ever doubt yourself, just stop and ask, 'Where's this doubt really coming from?'

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, Miranda and Tarik exemplify what it means to stand out, stand strong, and turn the so-called 'delusional' into the doable. Their key message is: embrace your uniqueness, find your tribe, and never underestimate the power of unwavering belief in your vision.

The Balancing Act of Dreams and Reality

While some fully commit to their startup, others skillfully balance their entrepreneurial dreams with everyday life. Meet Ahmed, Hani, and Emilie.

Ahmed's Story: A Blend of Tech and Compassion

Ahmed, a cloud solution architect by day and a passionate solo entrepreneur by night. is driven by a personal connection. "Coming from a family of doctors, I've seen the challenges they face with paperwork. I wanted to create something to give them more time with their patients," he explains. His startup, born from this vision, is dedicated to developing an application that streamlines doctors’ documentation processes.

His journey has been one of self-reliance and tenacity. Ahmed not only conceptualized his startup idea but also took on the challenge of learning to code, building the product himself. “It started with just me, my laptop, and a sea of coding tutorials. Now, I’ve got something real – an amazing team and a product, something that’s mine.”

His dedication paid off, securing a partnership with Microsoft, a significant milestone for any startup. “Partnering with Microsoft is a game-changer. It validated our work and opened up new possibilities.”

Minc Sprint played a crucial role for Ahmed. "It was about getting the right guidance, especially in areas where I was completely new." The biggest hurdle for him? "Time management and keeping the motivation high when progress feels slow." His advice to others: "Stay committed to your vision, even when it's tough. And find a community like Minc Sprint that can guide and support you."

Hani's Story: From Qatar to Sweden, Revolutionizing Delivery

Hani, who moved to Sweden from Qatar, quickly identified a gap in the Swedish delivery service market. “Back home, online deliveries were efficient. In Sweden, I saw room for improvement. I wanted to make deliveries more reliable and eco-friendly,” he says. His startup focuses on optimizing delivery services by leveraging existing commuter routes.

Hani's entrepreneurial path is marked by resilience and a keen ability to adapt. "Starting a business in a new country meant learning everything from scratch – from local market needs to handling logistics. It's also about understanding what works here and what doesn't," he shares. He's not just navigating the startup world; he's also learning Swedish, adding another layer to his journey.

Hani knew that building a strong team was essential. "I met my co-founder at Swedish language courses. It was great to find someone who shared my vision and drive," he shares. Together, they’re actively seeking developers through connections at Malmö University to bring their idea to life.

Minc Sprint offered Hani invaluable support: "It was more than guidance; it was about understanding the local market and fine-tuning our approach." His main challenges? Adapting to a new market and balancing startup work with studies. Hani's advice to fellow entrepreneurs: "Take every opportunity to learn and adapt. Your unique perspective can be your greatest asset. The insights and connections I gained at Minc Sprint were invaluable. It's more than just mentorship; it's about being part of a community that's rooting for you".

Emilie's Story: Embracing Change and Wellness

Emilie, originally from France and having worked across the UK and Nordics, found her true passion in an unexpected turn of events. “I was laid off from my role at McKinsey & Co. It was a shock, but it also opened doors. That's when the idea for my alternative medicine startup began to take shape.” Her startup aims to demystify and make accessible the world of holistic healing.

“Transitioning from a structured corporate environment to the fluid world of startups was challenging. I had to embrace constant learning and adapt my approach continuously,” she says. Now residing in Sweden and in the process of job searching (while working on her startup), Emilie is also picking up Swedish. Remember the rocky dance we’ve being talking about?

For Emilie, Minc Sprint wasn't just a program; it was a transformative experience. “It helped me pivot my startup idea and provided a supportive community,” she appreciates. 

Emilie's advice to other entrepreneurs is grounded in sustainability and self-care. “It’s crucial to manage your energy. Don’t let your startup idea consume you. Take time to recharge; it's essential for creativity and longevity.”

What We Learned: 

The grit behind the glory

Real people, real challenges, real progress. That's what these stories are about. Whether it's learning new skills or navigating new environments, they all show us one thing: Keep going.

The takeaway: flexibility, guts and a sprinkle of madness
That's it. That’s  the essence. It's about diving deep into uncharted waters and swimming against the current. Learning new skills on the fly, adapting faster than a chameleon, and yes, sometimes improvising with style.

And when the going gets tough, remember, Minc’s community’s got your back. 

Your move: sky is the limit... or is it?

Got an idea? Don’t just sit on it. Make it happen. Your weekend project could very well be the next big thing. Join Minc Sprint. It’s where ideas grow, challenges are met. And dreams? Well, here at Minc Sprint they turn into working prototypes, and from there – the sky is your limit. Or is it? 

Apply to Minc Sprint now – become part of a community that gets it and gets going.

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