December 1, 2020

We Are Minc: Linda Hedberg, Notch Fitness

We Are Minc: Linda Hedberg, Notch Fitness

The Minc house is full of talented people who want to create ideas into reality, one of them is Linda Hedberg. With help from Startup Labs, she has turned her passion into a business.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your company Notch Fitness.
My name is Linda Hedberg and I’ve been passionate about exercise and health for a very long time, got my Personal Trainer license almost 20 years ago. And during these years a lot of things has happened in my life – had a business career in IT, got married, bought a house, had two wonderful kids, two dogs and two cats.

Life happened and I struggled to get my exercise and nutrition in place. Lack of time was and still is a fact. But I managed and now I want to inspire and help others on how to be healthy and strong just by doing small changes in a busy schedule. Which is both fun and easy, you just need the will and a smartphone or computer to tag along.

When did you know that your company idea had to become reality?
This has always been my passion and when I had the opportunity to focus 100% on my idea, I had to go all in and realize Notch Fitness!

What value does Minc bring into your journey?
Minc is such a great place, the business coaching, the open desk sessions and events give me so much knowledge and also even more energy to really give my all. And the environment at Minc is absolutely fantastic! Everyone is so nice and helpful and just being around people that have the same drive and goal as yourself is amazing.

If your company would be a tool, what would it be?
If my company were a tool, it would probably be a swiss knife, because it makes your life easier and is always ready to help out.

To support people with a desire to explore ideas and give early entrepreneurs the essential tools to create and build new products and services is in our mission. Are you also driven, self motivated, curious and want to build something bigger than yourself? At Startup Labs you are in the driving seat, making your way forward. Apply today!

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