December 14, 2023

Unlocking the Danish Market: Insights and Strategies from Minc's Knowledge Workshop

Unlocking the Danish Market: Insights and Strategies from Minc's Knowledge Workshop
Navigating a new market can be daunting, but Minc's recent event, "How to Sell in Denmark," illuminated the path with clarity and expertise. Forget the Little Mermaid and LEGO for a moment; we're diving into Denmark's business scene. 

In true Minc fashion, we kept it lean and powerful. Jasenko Hadzic from Backing Minds brought the investor's edge and Corinne Cotteverte from VÆKST laid out operational tactics that make entering Denmark less of a Viking raid and more of a welcome feast.

Their message? Know your audience, speak their language, and when in doubt, directness is your North Star in Denmark.

"How to Sell in Denmark" Knowledge Workshop at Minc

Key Insights: Your Danish Business Playbook

Language and Communication:

English reigns in the board room, especially among young entrepreneurs.

But, surprise! Having Danish speakers on board can be a secret weapon for initial contacts.

Business Culture and Etiquette:

Danes are straight shooters. They appreciate directness in business talks.

The older generation might nod towards Swedish, but English is the lingua franca for the young professionals.

Market Entry and Sales Strategies:

Use events not just for networking but as a platform for sales insights.

Remember, the Danish market loves tradition but respects innovation. Trust-building is key here.

Pricing strategies? Go bold, then offer savvy discounts.

Cold calling? Yes, but let's keep it Danish or English.

Market-Specific Characteristics:

Denmark’s unique business landscape requires a tailored approach, distinct from other Nordic countries.

The medical device sector? It’s all about English, thanks to its global reach.

Feedback and Negotiation:

Brace yourself for straightforward feedback. Danes don't mince words.

Negotiations? They love details. Be prepared to explain and justify.

Local Presence and Adaptation:

A local Danish presence can be a game-changer.

Embrace local payment methods like MobilePay and adapt to local business norms.

Partnerships and Networking:

Tap into local networks and partnerships for smoother market entry.

Customer Demographics and Preferences:

Tailor your strategies to different Danish demographics for maximum impact.

Market Research and Data Collection:

Tools like are your best friends for market research in Denmark.

Market Size and Global Outreach:

Understanding the size and dynamics of the Danish market is crucial for your global strategy.

To sum up:

in Denmark, trust is king. Build it with care. Price boldly, discount smartly, and remember: exclusivity sells. And while cold calling might have you thinking of frosty fjords, do it in Danish, and you’ll warm up any conversation.

Want to stand out? Wave the flag of urgency. Danes, like their pastries, appreciate a sprinkle of something special.

Local presence? It’s the silver bullet. Think MobilePay over cash and personal connections over cold networks. And remember, networking is your Nordic network into Denmark’s cozy commercial circles.

And that's a wrap on our Danish business expedition! Armed with these insights, you're now ready to navigate the hygge-infused waters of the Danish market. Remember, at Minc, we're more than just a startup house; we're your compass in the world of international business. Stay tuned for more insights, and let's turn these lessons into your success story!

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Til vi mødes igen (Until we meet again), keep it cozy!

"How to Sell in Denmark" Knowledge Workshop at Minc

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