May 20, 2021

The winners of Minc Innovation Challenge 2021!

The winners of Minc Innovation Challenge 2021!

Earlier this spring, we announced a challenge in which we were looking for innovative, sustainable, and scalable business ideas.

We received a whopping amount of exciting applications, where 70% of the companies who applied have female founders or co-founders!

We are now proud to finally be able to present the three winners of the Minc Innovation Challenge 2021, who will join the Incubator, as well as receive exclusive prizes worth 150 000 SEK!

Deep Dialog - A digital platform that helps you have deep and meaningful conversations on your favorite subjects. The vision is to counteract loneliness by creating sustainable interactions and relationships.

The jury's motivation: "A social innovation that enables online dialogues, at the same time as it addresses a large and important public health issue."

Minikit - An online store with the goal to increase the use of second-hand clothes in good conditions, by making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.

The jury's motivation: "Through an innovative use of images and product packaging, Minikit offers a sustainable and scaleable solution within the growing area of secondhand baby and children's clothing."

Knologram - Customised knowledge management solutions, in order to respond to the critical need for delivering complex information. It is a response to the acute need for learning within the medical tech and innovation industries.

The jury's motivation: "An exciting technical solution that minimizes the need of educational resources in a financially strong customer segment."

At Minc, we try to build a more equal and sustainable industry. Do you want to change the game with us? Read more about our programs here.

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The winners of Minc Innovation Challenge 2021!
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