October 27, 2021

The winner of Pinc Capital 2021!

The winner of Pinc Capital 2021!

Congratulations to this year's winner of Pinc Capital - LEIA!

"By addressing several on postpartum health, we believe the timing is right and you have a huge global market."

The jury consited by: Ann-Sofie Hörlin - Almi Invest, Heili Lindvall - Pale Blue Dot, Malene Enø - Liseno, Helga Valfells - Crowberry Capital.

Astrid Gyllenkrok Kristensen founder of LEIA won the jury prize of 100.000SEK! Winning people's award by the audience voting was Tatiana Amaya Vanegas from ClowID. Congratulations to both of you!

The 10 best female-founded startups in the Nordics

Meet the 10 best Nordic female-founders who faced the jury during the pitch competition Pinc Capital 2021! The winner receives 100.000 SEK, sponsored by Abraxas Holding AB, Grenspecialisten AB, Skabholmen Invest AB, and Tassaka AB.

For the sixth year in a row, Pinc Capital is open for Nordic startups with at least 30% female ownership in the company. Competing companies are innovative startups with high ambitions and growth potential.

All of the companies are targeting sustainable goals, these were the top three SDG's:

  • #1 Gender equality, Good health & well-being, Climate action, Responsible consumption and production
  • #2 Sustainable cities and communities, Reduced inequalities, Decent work and economic growth
  • #3 Life on land, Life below water, Industry and innovation and Infrastructure


BEET - Sweden
Personalized Plant-Based nutrition platform - connecting multiple players in the ecosystem to help millions people worldwide transition to more healthy and climate friendly foods easily and safely.


- Denmark
Low-Fi is a platform and community for user-generated concerts in homes, gardens, galleries, and other unconventional venues. With Low-Fi, curated hosts and artists can connect on the platform and set up a ticketed concert with a fair and transparent economy. Artists decide what concerts to play, how much to charge and they always get the biggest cut.

- Sweden
ClowID is a Customer Engagement Platform that enables businesses to build truly connected relationships with their customers. By leveraging digitization of the in-store purchase process, we offer merchants a real-time view of purchasing behavior insights and a better way to engage customers.

- Sweden
Laundrop is a digital laundry service with delivery to your doorstep. We connect local laundry shops to logistik partners and create a modern laundry experience. Our vision is to digitalize and outdated laundry industry and commercialize digital laundry service.

- Sweden
LEIA is a startup with a vision to redefine postpartum health through digitalization and AI helping women worldwide have a happier and healthier entry into motherhood

Agoprene is a material tech startup from Norway. Agoprene has proven how to use plant fibers to reduce petrochemicals used in multiple classes of polymer materials. It is well-known that harvesting fibrous plants and producing plant fibers will remove CO2. With this as a starting point, Agoprene will create mechanically superior rubber foam with zero carbon emissions

MEELA - Sweden
Meela personalizes women's mental health care by matching women to their best fit therapist and therapy treatment - based on their personal preferences and psychological needs. Currently, due to a lack of matching between patients and therapists, 50% of patients will drop out of therapy by session 3. One size doesn't fit all - especially when it comes to treating mental health. We want to change the culture and create a strong brand and message about how cool therapy is, through influencers and community groups, that can give high visibility to therapy.

- Iceland
HEIMA is developing a mobile app that will solve the unequal division of household work. Today, women do 75% of such work globally which limits their personal and professional potential. We are on a mission to change this. The HEIMA app will use artificial intelligence to build custom task lists for each family and divide the tasks equally between family members who will earn points for each finished task.

- Sweden
Loop-it is a digital deposit system where companies can track and manage reusable products. When giving out a product it is scanned and scanned again at return through our Partner-App, following the life-cycle of a product. This shows its climate impact, usage, and savings. Thereby, Loop-it power circular business models, transparency, and accountability to change linear production and consumption.

Finuprise is the investment platform for ordinary people to create and measure true impact and build a better future through retail investments. A new generation is entering the investment market, millennials and Gen Z invest an average of EUR2,000 each month. 86% want to invest in impact, 80% are frustrated there's no easy way.

Click to read more about the winner of Pinc Capital 2020 - OmMej!

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