March 17, 2021

Say hello to the second batch of Minc Tourism Accelerator

Say hello to the second batch of Minc Tourism Accelerator

On Monday morning this week, we presented our Minc Tourism Accelerator team, the program and the startups to each other. In the coming three months we will be talking about sales and marketing, branding, and growth. The last bit of the program will be all about pitching to be followed by a demo day for investors. Needless to say, we are all super excited about it!

With no further ado, let us present the batch:

A service for campers to to find a suiting place to park their RV, or put up camp with car tent and a tent. From traditional camping sites to something a bit more private, yet comfortable. Hosts rent out a slice of land - along with electricity, showers and drinking water if it's available - campers book online. A great way to explore Sweden without needing to spend too much time on planning and find parking for your home on four wheels.

It's no secret that spaces stands empty or unused for a great period of time. Offices spaces not entirely used, or spaces standing empty in between tenants. That's where Awaio comes in. In an app you can book you office for the day, the month of the afternoon. And companies renting out the space is saving money on rent, and get a stream of new people and ideas into the building. There's also an aspect of sustainability to it. If all spaces are managed in a responsible way, there's no need for new houses. And in the end, all of them gets a more social and flexible and worklife. One could see it as an Airbnb for office spaces.

Charity Rebels
Influencers has many cases a unique and strong audience, that loves their content, stories and what they stand for. This is where Charity Rebels saw a great opportunity to do some good. They are running campaigns with influencers, and letting anyone anywhere have chance to win prizes and contribute to non-profits at the same time. Actually, 50% of all money raised lands on a non-profit organisation.

Anyone who's been at a ski resort knows that it is usually full of cars, and that the trips are very short - usually from hotel or cabin to the slopes, and back again. Not very environmental friendly, and tough to find parking sometimes. Guestbike offers ebikes tough enough to handle winter conditions - rack for skis, boxes for bags or even groceries included.

Skateboarding has always been about creativity, and has a very strong community around it - ever since the 70's in California. Well, now in the 2020's, the time has come for a digital one. Shinner let you find new spots to skate - wether it's a concrete skate park or, a set of stairs or a weird shape of a house one might be able to skate somehow. Upload your favourite spot, skate it, upload a film, inspire and connect.

This is a smooth digital payment solution for both restaurants and guests. By ordering in the user friendly app, the staff has more time for quality service and guests don't need to stand in line. Order is then served by the table, avoiding unnecessary in these times of a pandemic. Stay tuned for updates and insights along the way. There's a so much to learn, so much to explore!

A solution for unstaffed stores and new and improved versions of vending machines. They make it easier for everyone and anyone to open their own store. Self service fridges at the gym, or lunch boxes at the office, or local farm shops on the country side. It’s all controlled by their app. From unlocking doors to payment solutions.

Stay tuned for updates and insights along the way. There's so much to learn, so much to explore! Read more about Minc Tourism Accelerator.

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