April 25, 2022

Pink Programming - Changing the tech game

Pink Programming - Changing the tech game

Back in 2015, three women working within development had grown tired of the lack of female colleagues. To solve the problem, they started hosting coding events to bring women, non-binary and transgender people together. It did not take long until they were overwhelmed by the amount of people that wanted to join the event. Today, Pink Programming has around 60 active volunteers around the country, over 200 members, 20.000 followers, and is leading the way, as Sweden's biggest network for female developers, towards a more diverse and inclusive tech industry.

What would happen if only one specific group of people codes and develops our entire future? The fact is that today, more than 90% of tech developers are men. Pink Programming wants to create an open space where the minority gets the chance to explore and develop their programming skills together.

“Our aim is threefold; get more women, non-binary and transgender people to discover programming, support and lift those already working within tech, and help companies become more inclusive. It’s inspiring to see participants making career shifts after joining our events. That’s the best thing with working with this, you can actually see the impact and the change Pink makes”, says Alma Bergil, Community Manager at Pink Programming.

No matter if you join the events to have a good time, meet new people, try new things or to maybe even change your career, the Pink Programming community along with its partner companies are there to help.

“It’s such a unique feeling and vibe at our events, I’ve never seen anything like it before I joined Pink. It’s this big community just rooting for each other!”

Settling their headquarters at Minc was an active choice. The possibility to host events as well as the accessibility for the volunteers to easily swing by, makes Minc a great meeting spot for everyone involved.

“The mutual exchange with other tech companies in house, as well as the inspiration and experience it brings, is also a major reason why we chose Minc”, says Alma.

When asking about future goals and ambitions with Pink Programming, the answer was simple. In a way, the goal is to not have to exist. It’s not until the tech industry is completely equal, that they are satisfied. Not only do we need more women working in tech, but also a bigger inclusion in the whole tech industry in order to give them equal opportunities to contribute with their knowledge.

When asking Alma to share the number one reason why she would recommend programming to women, non-binary and transgender people, she replies;“To spark your inner curiosity. No matter what anyone says or implies, programming could surely be something for you. Don’t let any preconceptions stop you. We are incredibly proud to provide a community where the door, that in many other contexts seems to be shut closed, is wide open.”

We are thrilled to have such a tech business role model in our house and as part of the Minc Community! Do you feel inspired? Take the first step by joining one of their events! Pink Programming Sundays, Summer Camps or their latest upcoming course Leading for Inclusion in Tech. You can read all about it HERE.

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