May 29, 2023

Nordic Demo Day 2023: How we revolutionize Startup-VC Connections!

Nordic Demo Day 2023: How we revolutionize Startup-VC Connections!

Hey there, it's Melinda Elmborg, co-lead of Fast Track Malmö startup accelerator, one of the programs at Minc, bringing you the incredible yearly event Nordic Demo Day. Get ready for an inspiring journey as we unveil the transformative power of this event.

Nordic Demo Day 2023 core team: right to left - Melinda Elmborg, Nino Subotic, Per Ögren, Anja Sergeeva, Alina Nilsson.

In a world overflowing with countless startup pitching events claiming our attention, we knew we had to craft something truly unique with Nordic Demo Day. So we chose to make the event exclusive and invite-only. We wanted to create a space to connect visionary investors with groundbreaking founders. And let me tell you, we've exceeded even our wildest expectations.

Why an invite-only event? Some might see it as restrictive, but we saw it as an opportunity to challenge the norm and foster true magic. We handpicked the investors and startups that we thought would be a good fit for each other, creating an environment where innovation thrived and connections flourished.

The result? Nordic Demo Day became a melting pot of ideas, passions, and aspirations. It was a celebration of the incredible talent in the Nordics. Genuine connections were made, dreams were nurtured, and partnerships were forged, all in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere.

This year's Nordic Demo Day was more than just an event. It was two extraordinary days filled with electrifying meetups, captivating pitches, and a gala dinner that left us awestruck. We proved that quality connections matter more than sheer numbers, and we shattered the notion that bigger is always better.

"What a fantastic week at Nordic Demo Day!

This event brings 150 of the most promising Nordic startups in one place and the best VCs from the region. Perfectly organized. Spacious venue, lots of mingling, sharp and inspiring people, great food, lots of laughter and the vibes of innovation"

Yana Vlatchkova, Co-Founder at Question Base

Yana Vlatchkova, Co-Founder at Question Base

The response to our audacious vision has been overwhelming. The support, kind words, and love we've received have solidified our belief in the power of an invite-only event. It created a space where dreamers and believers could come together, unimpeded by the noise, and ignite a bonfire of innovation.

"Thanks for a great conference, This was my first time at Nordic Demo Day and I was very pleasantly surprised - it was so much better than many other conferences I usually attend (and I attend a lot).

The communication was really good, leading up to a day. Not too much and not too little and very concise. The location was great too. And the lunch was probably the most tasty I’ve ever had at the conference!

Well done! I’ll be back next year!

Teis Anker Mikkelsen
, Founder at Multiscription

But wait, there's more! As a previous VC investor, I want to share some invaluable tips to supercharge your investor network at future tech events you will join. 

A lot of the value in tech events come from the event app, where you can network with the participants. However, other need to see the value in networking with you as well! Your profile in the event app needs to sell itself. These tips will elevate your profile and capture the attention of potential investors:

  • Craft a compelling title: Combine your role as a Co-founder with your position as a CEO, CTO, COO, or any other relevant designation. Investors want to speak with decision makers.

  • Use an eye-catching cover photo: Make your profile stand out among the crowd with a captivating image that grabs attention and showcases your uniqueness.

  • Nail your text box: Follow this template for success: "Startup oneliner. Traction in numbers. Team with experience from XX, YY, ZZ and X years in Y. Raising pre-seed/seed/series A in QX of 202X." It's concise, informative, and will leave investors hungry for more.

By implementing these strategies, your profile will stand out, attracting investors and opening doors to exciting opportunities.

Nordic Demo Day 2023 has been a game-changer, and we couldn't be prouder. The magic that unfolded, the connections made, and the dreams ignited will continue to shape the future of innovation. Stay inspired, keep pushing boundaries, and together, let's create a world where startups thrive and dreams become reality!

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