April 26, 2023

Mincers in Japan!

Mincers in Japan!

This week is the start of the Nordic Healthtech Delegation in Tokyo. This will be the place where Nordic medtech companies get to meet each other and be introduced to the Japanese market. We are honored to have Medbeat and Rekonnect participating as two Minc startups.

Will Gray, co-founder of Rekonnect, and Erik Rask, founder of Medbeat, are embarking on an exciting journey to Japan to attend the Nordic Healthtech Delegation in Tokyo. The delegation will provide them with the opportunity to meet with stakeholders in the Japanese healthcare medtech industry and investors. They will have the opportunity to visit places like hospitals, universities, and startup hubs to be inspired and introduced to the Japanese market. Joining them in Japan there will be companies from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, and Japan, all focusing on medtech. Together they will have the chance to explore the Japanese market and introduce their startup.

We are looking forward to introduce our product in the Japanese market -Erik Rask, founder of Medbeat

It will be Will's first time in Japan, but Erik has been here before so if they have the time they would love to be able to experience the Japanese culture and cuisine. On their trip, they have a fully scheduled journey with visits to hospitals in Tokyo and other site visits to learn more about the Japanese medtech ecosystem. Will and Erik are also excited to meet with people in the innovation system, including SBA, one of Japan's biggest VC firms, and Olympus.

While they do not have any expectations of immediate sales, they hope to learn and collaborate with others in the industry. They will also be attending a pitch event and taking advantage of the Swedish embassy's matchmaking services.

We want to connect and meet with Medtech companies who are looking to sell in Europe, both European and global Medtech companies. -Will Gray, co-founder of Rekonnect

As they prepare for their trip, Will and Erik are learning about Japanese etiquette, including the use of "san" and "sensei" when addressing people and how to properly use chopsticks. They are also aware of the importance of dressing appropriately and not standing out from the crowd. Overall, they are excited for the opportunities that lie ahead and the chance to further their understanding of the healthcare innovation system in Japan. Make sure to follow us on social media to see what they are up to during their trip!

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