April 21, 2022

Minc Partners - To help you grow stronger, faster

Minc Partners - To help you grow stronger, faster

Meet HØIBERG, one of Mincs partners! They are one of the helping hands that gives all of our startups better opportunities to grow stronger, faster. It’s a give and take relationship for everyone involved in our community. How can HØIBERG contribute and help your company along the way? We had a chatt with Kristian Henningsson from HØIBERG to find out!

What does HØIBERG offer our entrepreneurs?

HØIBERG is a full service patent law firm providing services within the fields of intellectual property rights, including patents, designs, innovation management, technology transfer and business development. It is one of Scandinavia’s leading consulting companies in patent law. We are very happy to share expert IPR knowledge in all technical fields with the entrepreneurs at Minc. We have special offers for the Minc companies, in example patentability analyses and drafting and filing of patent applications, to help them further on their journey.

When and where can our Minc community meet you?

You can always contact me and make an appointment, you’ll reach me at khn@hoiberg.com. Sometimes we are also present at Minc, for example, at open desk sessions, Thursday breakfasts, at some of our IP presentations or trainings for startups, or other Minc events. At the time, we don’t have any upcoming events planned, but there will definitely be more presentations and open desks from us during the spring. Just wait and see!

Which is the most frequent question you get from our entrepreneurs?

We get a lot of different questions, but the most frequent one is probably if and how we can protect the entrepreneurs’ inventions.

Why have you chosen to partner up with us at Minc?

It is a great opportunity for HØIBERG to be close to some of the most exciting startups in the region. We also enjoy working together and learning from the Minc community, including both the Minc Team and the other partners.

Anything else you want to say to our community that could be good for them to know?

A large part of the Minc companies’ value resides in intellectual property. It is important to have an IP strategy as part of the business strategy. As IP partner to Minc, HØIBERG is happy to assist the Minc companies in developing IP strategies and assist in all other IP or patent related questions. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

We are happy to have HØIBERG as part of our community! When joining Minc, you get all the support you might need from HØIBERG and our other partners.

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