May 16, 2022

Minc Partners - An opportunity you don’t want to miss

Minc Partners - An opportunity you don’t want to miss

Our partner Sony Startup Acceleration Program Europe (SSAP Europe) is constantly on the lookout for strong teams with passionate entrepreneurs who they could help grow even further! How can you as a Minc startup work together with SSAP Europe? They offer an incredible opportunity to apply to their accelerator program where you as a startup get access to all the support, network and possible investors you might need to scale up your business! Keep on reading to hear Evert Nilsson from Sony tell us more about the partnership.

What does Sony offer our entrepreneurs?

Any European startup that sees the benefits of joining the Sony Startup Acceleration Program Europe (SSAP Europe) accelerator can apply online at F6S. What we are particularly looking for are strong teams that are at an advanced stage of their product development and that have done some market validation and received a positive response from the market.

The startups that are finally selected for our accelerator are the ones that we regard as having possible strong synergies with Sony's focus areas and that have the greatest potential to develop further with our help.

To find these startups, we run several boot camps each year with the most promising candidates. This gives an opportunity to get to know each other, to understand the specific business idea better and discover possible technological or business-related synergies with Sony's operations.

If we identify strong potential synergies, our intention is to discuss the possibilities of investing in your startup. If we agree on an investment, we will offer you a seat in our accelerator program and guide you in the future contacts with specific Sony units.

During the accelerator program, you get access to the SSAP Europe team, Sony experts and other world-class coaches. They will support you with expertise in many different areas, such as metrics, sales, quality, business, scalability, design, investment, negotiation and learning from a perspective relevant to a startup at your individual maturity level. Of course, we do this with high flexibility and great consideration is taken to your other business activities.

We also work closely with the Sony Innovation Fund, which is a later potential investor, to find opportunities related to your future investment rounds, but we can also promote you to other potential investors in our European network that could be interested in investing in just your startup.

When and where can our Minc community meet you?

Our ambition is to participate in Minc’s breakfast sessions, the Incubator's exit ceremony, Fast Track Malmö events and network meetings with Minc’s other partners. From our perspective, these are excellent opportunities to meet interesting startups, but also just for networking.

Which is the most frequent question you get from our entrepreneurs?

How can we work together?

Why have you chosen to partner up with us at Minc?

We have been partners with Minc for many years and Minc is central to Malmö’s startup community and an important meeting place for entrepreneurs, academia and business.

For SSAP Europe, the collaboration is inspiring and valuable for our accelerator program and provides great opportunities to meet passionate entrepreneurs, exchange experiences and participate in exciting events.

As part of a large global company, we also believe that we can contribute to the development of Minc's startups. We have good experience of collaborating with Minc historically and look forward to finding new areas of collaboration in the future.

Do you have any upcoming events at Sony that could be valuable for our community?

We are constantly looking for promising European startups that have synergies with Sony's various business areas. In 2022, SSAP Europe will run three bootcamps to meet the most promising startups with the aim of getting to know each other as individuals and to better understand each other's needs and interests. We recommend all promising startups who consider it advantageous to work with us to apply for our accelerator.

Anything else you want to say to our community that could be good for them to know?

SSAP Europe has been active in Sweden since 2016 and over the years we have developed and sharpened how we support and develop both new ideas and innovative startups, internally and externally all over Europe.

Sony has a very broad range of businesses, so when we are looking for promising startups, it is within a very broad spectrum. If you have a startup, regardless of which technical category it belongs to, the probability is high that we can find synergies with us.

We are grateful to have Sony Startup Acceleration Program Europe as part of our community and for the possibilities and expertise they bring! When joining Minc, you get all the support you might need from SSAP Europe and our other partners.

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