April 26, 2021

Meet the hosts of Minc Capital Day 2021!

Meet the hosts of Minc Capital Day 2021!

Minc Capital Day is finally coming up this Thursday (April 29th)! To celebrate the countdown to the event, we asked Jonas Jönsson and Mikael Funa a few questions about it. They are both Business Coaches at our Incubator program, as well as the talented hosts of Minc Capital.

What part of Minc Capital are you looking most forward to?
Mikael: I am looking forward to seeing our startups shine! We have so many cool ideas and great teams and this is their day. I also can't wait to see the investors interact, during and after the event.

Jonas: Easy one; that we through this event create a lot of meetings, new contacts made and hopefully a lot of investments! It is also wonderful to see the result of all the work the companies have put down when preparing, especially when you have seen the first pitch being way too long and then all the improvements along the way!

This year, we are proud to present a 50/50 gender balance between the pitching companies. But why is this such an important aspect in the startup world?
Mikael: It's simple really. The gender ratio of the world population is pretty much 50/50 so why shouldn't the balance in the startup world be the same?

Jonas: We are so happy to have 50/50 balance for the first time! Diversity is the key to success! It is crucial to get a higher amount and a broader scope of innovations and growing companies, but it is also important to have diversity among the startups to get a more diverse investor scene. This is one of the most important issues for us at Minc.

Since we are live-streaming the pitches from Minc without any physical audience - what are the pros and cons of having a hybrid event?
Mikael: The downside of having it digital is missing out on the spontaneous audience questions you get when having a physical event. When we host it digital we will also kind of miss out on the mingle afterwords. Though, we will connect investors and startups using both live chat and a matchmaking service, making it work anyway.

One upside of having it digital is that it makes it even easier for investors to participate, independent on where you come from. No travels are needed which is great in terms of sustainability and time effectiveness. Just click, connect, and join the fun.

Jonas: First, I have to say that it is amazing that we can do this type of events also during the pandemic! Some advantages are obviously that we can have much more investors attending than if we did it live at Minc and people can also watch the pitch again, or later if they could not attend the event live.

But of course, you miss the interaction and the networking part after the pitches. As a host it is also a little difficult since you don’t have any reactions from the audience and last time when the investors sent in questions there was a delay, so every time you went out to the company for questions after the pitch, you did not know if there was a question or if you had to create one in the moment.

Did you learn anything from the latest Minc Capital that you will bring into this one?
Mikael: One of the learnings as a host is the importance of making the companies feel relaxed and comfortable on stage. Kind of wished I was a clone of Ricky Gervais, then everything would be so much easier…

Jonas: Well, I personally learned a lot, to host the event last time was more or less a TV production. Let's see if this time I manage to look into the camera and not at the monitor…

We are all looking forward to Minc Capital Day 2021! Don’t forget to register here to be able to meet the companies and watch them pitch. See you there!

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