January 24, 2022

Meet Minc - Katja Fjellström

Meet Minc - Katja Fjellström

We recently welcomed Katja Fjellström as Business Coach for Startup Labs! Having previously worked at Drivhuset, we're so happy to have her as part of our team! Katja is born and raised in Malmö, curious at heart and highly flexible. She also refers to herself as a micro poet and has written and published a book of poems - Vissa dagar.

Why do you enjoy working with startups, and how did your journey within the startup industry begin?

I've always wanted to be where the change is! My startup journey began at IMH Business School, and then on to working as a coach at Drivhuset for 2 years. At Minc, I work with early-stage startups as a Business Coach.

What’s the best thing about coaching?

The people! To be part of their journey and to inspire them, but also to learn new things myself. I'm driven by inspiring and finding synergies that create relationships!

Name three qualities that you believe are important for an entrepreneur to possess!

Believe in yourself and dare to fail. You also need to be stubborn and a good collaborator!

What do you like to do during your spare time?

I enjoy social gatherings and spend most of my spare time with family and friends. I enjoy Swedish fika, and can especially recommend a good cup of coffee at Noir and Agge & Bönan. Solde and Djäkne are also work-friendly cafés that I like as well.  Otherwise, I write poetry and watch series, preferably true crime.

Tell us a bit about your writing and the book you’ve published.

The collection of poems I have written consists of small interwoven stories, a union of others' and made-up experiences but also my own. A love story about finding yourself. I wanted to publish it mainly for myself and looked around for some local publishing firm and found Solentro, right here at Minc.  

What’s the best thing about Minc?

It's an amazing place where you feel part of something that makes a difference. I love the vibe and the people here at Minc!

About Minc

At Minc, we believe in creating something bigger than yourself. We offer everything an entrepreneur needs to go from concept to market in-house. Our international network of advisors and award-winning programs will help your startup scale faster and smarter. Welcome to the startup house of Malmö.

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