February 14, 2022

Meet Minc - Carmen Gomez Leal

Meet Minc - Carmen Gomez Leal

“I love being surrounded by all these creative minds at Minc! It’s extremely inspiring meeting new people, hearing about their dreams and work and watching their journey.”

As a Communications coordinator at Minc, Carmen usually is the one who interviews, take pictures and creates magic, but now we’ve switched it up - so meet Carmen!

Tell us a bit about yourself, who are you and what do you do here at Minc?
At Minc I work with communication and it’s quite the fit since I’ve always had a passion for people and how we communicate. I remember as a child being fascinated with grown-up communicating, how they reacted to different tones, words, and pictures.

How did you get into working as Communication coordinator at Minc?
I was working extra at the reception at Minc while doing my master’s in Visual Culture, so when the opportunity came up to take over the communication at Minc I just jumped in and took the chance.

What's your advice to other people wanting to work with communication?
First of all, you need to find it fun, Second, you need to find your niche, but also be able to do everything, and third, just start doing it!

What do you like to do during your spare time?
I’m a creative soul, and enjoy sewing and piecing together different fabrics. So after work hours, you can find me by the sewing machine creating new stuff out of old fabrics, because sustainability is an important issue for me.

What's your guilty pleasure?
Organizing, I’ve always loved it. Putting things together and arranging them. When I was a kid you couldn’t leave me in a messy room without me starting to put everything in its “right” place. Today you can, at least for 5 minutes.

What do you like most about Minc?
The people! I love being surrounded by all these creative minds, it’s extremely inspiring meeting new people, hearing about their dreams and work, and watching their journey. Minc is filled with amazing people and that’s hard to fin somewhere else

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