September 7, 2022

Meet Minc - Carina Gunnarsdotter

Meet Minc - Carina Gunnarsdotter

We recently welcomed Carina Gunnarsdotter as our very own Business & Sustainability Coach! Having started her own here at Minc back in 2019, Carina has walk the talk and she‘s now ready to teach you all about it. Besides from coaching, Carina has also written a book about Future of Business - in connection with energy, magic and intuition, make sure to sign up for the 15th September , but before that, take 2 minutes to get to know our, and maybe Your, new coach!

Tell us a bit about yourself - who are you and what do you do here at Minc?

Well the short version is that I am a curious person who is passionate about creating a brave, compassionate and sustainable world for us all- inside and out! I want to broaden the definition of sustainability to include, in addition to the 17 SDG´s, the personal sustainability of founders, entrepreneurs and leaders as well as organisational sustainability. I strongly believe that we need to be sustainable on a personal level in order to be able to build successful and sustainable companies through sustainable and future-focussed strategies, organisational culture and processes. That way we can build a truly sustainable world together ♻️

Here at Minc I am the newest member of the Incubator team where I work as a Business & Sustainability Coach part-time. The other 50% I  run my own company Changing Perspective where I coach and train individuals, teams and companies towards more sustainability and success. I have also just released a book in Swedish that I have co-written together with seven other business women about the Future of Business - in connection with energy, magic and intuition.

I speak Swedish, Danish, English and Spanish and love to travel but don’t do it as much anymore. I live in Malmö close to Ribban with my dog Otis and love going for long walks in nature with him 🐶

How did your journey within the startup industry begin?

It started with my own business and wanting to create an app for stress management so I was a part of Startup Labs in 2019-2020. I then joined a health tech startup in Linköping called Worldish where I worked as Head of Business Development and Customer Relationships. Then in the autumn of 2020 got the question to do an assignment for Sonys Startup Acceleration Program and I have been a part of the program since then, coaching startups and facilitating workshops.

What's the best thing about coaching?

To help the coaches and companies to find solutions that work for them and to see the energy that it creates in them! I am also a curious person and love to be able to ask many questions and get to know people and companies. I learn so much through coaching!

I also think that I am able to help in many different areas since I have worked with many different things previously, such as leadership, sales coaching, business development, process development and recruiting to name a few.

Name three qualities that you believe are important for an entrepreneur to possess!

Creativity, positivity and willingness to learn (sometimes through failures).

If you could only choose one sustainable tip to give to startup founders, based on your experience - what would it be?

Have a think about what you already do that is good for the planet and communicate it! It will help you to get more funding but also to attract more customers and colleagues in the long run 💚

What does sustainability mean to you?

As I mentioned above, I strongly believe that sustainability for the planet starts within each and everyone of us. We need to be sustainable as individuals in order to truly build sustainable companies that contribute to a healthy and thriving planet. If we don't understand why we need to be sustainable as individuals it is hard to change our prioritizations, which we need to do, in order to become more sustainable as a society and planet. We can't do everything but everyone can do something to contribute to our over-all sustainability 😁

What do you like most about Minc?

The amazing energy and being a part in creating a more sustainable future through our startups!

We are so excited to have Carina with us! Are you looking for a business coach that has an expertise within sustainability? Then don't wait! Reach out by applying to our programs!

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