March 30, 2023

Liberty, equality, fraternity. Is it really?

Liberty, equality, fraternity. Is it really?

Last week Skåne hosted SIR - the Sweden Innovation Parliament - with incubators and innovation supporters from all over Sweden present. Minc arranged a session about equality with Ideon Innovation under the headline “Liberty, equality, fraternity. Is it really?” 

The session on how to close the gender gap in entrepreneurship, innovation, and funding drew a full house. It started with keynotes by Ida Herbertsson, Portfolio Manager Fast Track Capital at Minc, and Andréa Råsberg, Country Manager at Reach for Change and was followed by a panel discussion about the situation, the best-case practices, new suggestions on how to solve this problem. Should there be affirmative actions, positive discrimination incentives to invest in women-led companies? What responsibility does the governmental capital have? Why do investors ask women about risks and men about potential? The panel was also asked how they work to avoid biases themselves. As there are a few funds now focusing on female founders and female-led startups, such as Pink Ventures in the UK, the panel discussed how these funds need to be designed.

Andréa Råsberg, Country Manager at Reach for Change

The discussion was summarized by Daniel Persson, CEO at Minc: We must keep making demands and keep spotlighting inspiring role models. Celebrate female founders, investments, and investors. Also, if the incubators have built strong brands, the investors might be less biased and more trusting when meeting the startups. Daniel pointed out that “what gets measured gets done.” One of the reasons that Minc is successful in increasing the number of female entrepreneurs and funding is that they are setting strategic goals and communicating them publicly, making more stakeholders aware, and prioritizing the matter. “Set goals, measure, follow up and communicate, and never give up” was the key message.

Participants in the session: Anna Gisselsson - Investment Manager at Almi Invest, Anders Nilsson - CEO at Ideon Innovation, Andrea Råsberg - Country Manager at Reach for Change, Daniel Persson- CEO at Minc, Ebba Fåhraeus - CEO at Smile Incubator, Ida Herbertsson - Portfolio Manager, Fast Track Capital at Minc, Jennie Ekbeck - CEO at Umeå Biotech Incubator and Klementina Österberg - CEO at GU Ventures

Lots of love and thank you to the audience who took part in the discussion!

If you want to know more on the subject or are an entrepreneur-to-be, female or not, who can benefit from professional coaching and support, feel free to contact us by the form at,  via email, or drop by our startup house in the center of Malmö! 

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