May 6, 2022

Is it all about the money?

Is it all about the money?

As a participant in Minc Incubator program, you have the chance of receiving an investment of 300.000 SEK from our investment scheme Fast Track Capital (FTC), while also expanding your network of investors and your chances of future investments. However, money is not always a problem solver.

When a startup with its founders are ready, they get recommended by their business coach to pitch to the FTC Investment Committee (representatives from Minc, Ideon Innovation and the investors themselves). The startup prepares and pitch for the FTC committee, the committee assesses the idea, the market and the team and then votes. If the startup receives all thumbs up, they continue into the due diligence process where FTC checks that the formalities such as accounting, shareholders agreement and so on are in order. After going through all the steps, and being given the stamp of approval, the company receives an investment up to 300.000 SEK.

– The pitching session is very appreciated by both investors and the companies. The investors meet a new exciting team, and the founders often get questions that give new perspectives which they can bring with them into their future, says Ida Herbertsson, Portfolio Manager and Head of FTC.

Apart from watching the pitches, meeting new founders and having the opportunity to invest in a new company, the investors themselves have the chance to meet and exchange ideas with the entrepreneurs and investors.

– As an investor, you need to be up to date. Meeting new companies is crucial, and this is a great way to meet high quality companies, says Michel Massadakis, investor and member of the FTC Investment Committee and Minc Alumni.

In fact, some startups need knowledge more than money. A know-how of building a team, a board or even opening doors to the investors' connections.

– When considering bringing in external money, it is always important to think about what more you want and need. Not all money is good money. Experience and connections can be worth much. It all depends on the company, the team and their needs, says Ida.

Michel talks further about the important relation between entrepreneurs and investors.

– If the company ends up going for money, they always need to step into the shoes of the investors, and their point of view. What kind of journey do they want to take along with the investor/-s? What do they want to achieve, what are the exceptions? It’s important to have a clear picture, for everyone involved.

FTC exists to build the ecosystem and plays an important part for startups and business angels. They have some of the most experienced angels in Southern Sweden but also new angels, as well as angels from other parts of Sweden. Read more about your opportunities here.

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