May 20, 2022

imvi labs - A startup rocket!

imvi labs - A startup rocket!

What a journey! Time has flown by for the team at imvi labs. Since filming the “We Are Minc” film in November 2021, talking about how they were just starting their beta-test, they have gotten all the way through to the other end with fantastic results!

So, what has happened? In April 2021, Peter and Michael first joined the Minc Incubator. In August they started imvi labs and in September, they received their first financing, enabling them to create their MVP and get the beta test up and running in December. Today, only 5 months after the “We Are Minc” video, they have achieved incredible results within their training, dropped an improved version of their app, as well as launched their first webshop. If they keep up this pace, who knows where the startup will be in another 5 months!


imvi labs have developed an effective and entertaining solution based on a collaboration with Karolinska Institutet. The aim is to train the brain's coordination of the eyes in order to prevent tiredness and strain when reading. Eye coordination problems are common, 10% of the entire population suffer, but unknown for most people and do in fact have a big impact on your energy level, concentration, double vision and reading speed. Both the impact on society and on a personal level are huge. But how does it work? You broadcast two split screens of pictures or videos from their app into VR glasses, whilst the patented technique makes your eyes move slightly inwards and outwards. By using imvi labs service and technique, you train your brain and can improve your reading wherever you are, whenever you want in a fun way!


“Everyone that has fulfilled the 12 weeks of training in the beta test, has improved their reading speed!”, says Peter Carlsson, co-founder of imvi labs.


And this is not the only win. The average person improved their reading speed with 66% whilst participants with dyslexia and reading and writing difficulties improved with an average of 101%. The vergence (eye-coordination) has also severely improved with 44%, which impacts the ability to concentrate in a positive manner and leads to less tiredness and less strained eyes. What especially stood out from the training and created the real wow feeling was the result of two 10 year olds, who before the test were part of the 4% in their age group with the worst reading ability.


“After only 12 weeks, they are now part of the group with mid-level reading ability. They showed improvements of 800%, which really shows that the technique is a real game changer.”, says Peter. 


imvi labs research has been going on since back in 2007. Peter's co-founder Michael Malmqvist was the one that started to gain interest in vergence training, due to one of his family members struggling with reading. After trying several different training methods, he found that none of them really helped in the long run. He then took the problem in his own hands and started to examine and analyze the primary causes for the problem and presented the first prototype of the training method for Karolinska Institutet in 2007. After positive response, a long-term collaboration was initiated, which has brought imvi labs to where they are today. When asking Peter what part Minc played in their journey, he answered;

“We probably wouldn't have been in the same place today if we hadn’t joined Minc Incubator”, says Peter. 


They signed up with the primary intention of wanting help with financing as well as getting in the right mindset of running a smaller business. Since Peters co-founder Michael is situated in Helsingborg and with an ongoing pandemic, the digital meetings and community also became highly valuable. In addition to the coaches, you got to talk and socialize online with other startups in the house, even though no one was actually at the Minc house. Except for all the learnings and successes when pitching and collecting capital, the courses and events were also something that created added value.


“I still remember in the beginning at Minc, you were to fill in at what pace your company was growing and developing and I reckon I chose the speed boat. When looking at where we are standing now, maybe I should have chosen something even faster!”, Peter says laughing. 


Imvi labs webshop just launched and the focus now is in finding customers and helping them succeed in their training. A community is starting to form where parents or teachers can follow their child or students' development on the web and the participants can even follow and support each other. When pitching last year, the vision was to in the following five years have had at least 1 million training customers. Starting in Sweden and Scandinavia, the questions are what countries and with what financing they could expand even further!


imvi labs startup rocket has launched, ready to take on new challenges in order to get even further on their journey. We are excited to jump on board and follow along! Do you want to start or continue your journey with us? Join the Incubator here.

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