June 14, 2023

How to start an AI business in just two days

How to start an AI business in just two days
"There are no AI masters because the technology is moving too fast." Paolo Nardi, Digital Ethicist at IKEA told the willing minds assembling at Minc. “We're past the Information Age into the Knowledge Age.”

Recently Minc organized an extraordinary two-day AI-focussed hackathon that brought together 42 hackers with some ludicrously passionate mentors, like Jean-Luc Momprivé, Chief Innovation Officer at Intel, Paolo Nardi, Digital Ethicist at IKEA, and Henrik Johansson, Co-founder of Stratazon.

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The participants ranged from AI devotees to novices, hailing from Sweden and internationally, and they formed into 11 teams to try to come up with a new AI-focussed business in just 18 hours. Powered by Malmö’s famous falafel and coffee they concluded the hack with a pitch in front of six expert judges for a chance to win the hack. 

“I left the Hackathon AI event feeling like a winner! It exceeded my expectations and left me brimming with inspiration!” - Wasfi Hasson, Minc AI hacker 

Time to pitch: Tim Schulz is on stage

We have gathered five takeaway points from the hack to inspire you.    

Don't wait for the stars to align! The hackathon taught us that seizing the moment is crucial. The AI revolution is in full swing, and there's no time to waste, but it is not too late. Start exploring AI now and tap into a world of endless possibilities.

There are amazing tools like Noodl, the AI-powered low code platform that partnered with Minc for the hac. These tools can help you unleash your creativity without the need for complex coding.

The magic happens when strangers unite! The winning team at the hackathon defied the odds, bringing together diverse individuals from different backgrounds, most who had not met before. Their unique perspectives sparked brilliance, inspiring us all. Embrace diversity, and watch innovation soar.

The hackathon thrived on collaboration and mutual support. Expert mentors were on hand to guide participants, sharing their wisdom and expertise. But it didn't stop there! Participants themselves embraced a culture of helpfulness, assisting one another on the journey to greatness.

At the hackathon, we turned up the energy and created an electric atmosphere. The beats were pumping, the positive vibes were flowing, and energy drinks kept us fueled. At the end even those hackers who didn't win were still happy they took part.  

We hope these points gave you something to think about when building your next idea quickly. 

For us the hackathon itself was a big experiment. The Result? Mind-blowing. Each participant worked tirelessly to make something out of nothing. We saw pitches in various spaces - SaaS, CleanThech, HealthTech, Food tech to name a few. And the mentors? They went the extra mile, providing support in extra sessions.

The hackathon was an enormous success, and we received fantastic feedback about the inclusive atmosphere and the friendly staff at Minc. The participants expressed their eagerness to further develop their ideas and stay connected with Minc, becoming part of our thriving community. 

"Big thanks Minc for organizing the hackathon! You've matched innovation and creativity, filling our minds with great insights. Really inspiring!" - Viktoriia Trubina, Minc AI hacker.

This AI Hackathon is just the beginning of an exciting journey. If you would like to be part of future hacks please let us know in this short form, and stay tuned for more events that push the limits of what's possible.

The AI Hackathon winners: Gayane Larsen, Aurél Prósz, Eirini Gavala, Aleksandra (Ola) Marczak, Tara Hassani.

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