November 4, 2021

Explore the world with ViroteaVR - around the world in 30 minutes

Explore the world with ViroteaVR - around the world in 30 minutes

Ignite Sweden opens doors to the most innovative Swedish startups, to matchmakings with large companies and the public sector. When pioneers benefit and solve numerous challenges, magic will happen within the whole society. One recent example is Virotea, which with support from Ignite Sweden, gained support in their journey from matchmaking meeting to a successful pilot project with the district area Rinkeby-Kista in Stockholm, Sweden.

Minc alumni Virotea developed a pioneering virtual reality (VR) service, enabling elderly and limited mobility patients to explore the world virtually, without leaving the room. Recently, Stockholm city was looking for a way to modernize and digitize it’s LSS operations in the district area Rinkeby-Kista, and clung to, as they themselves put it, "the cool thing" with ViroteaVR.

ViroteaVR offers support within the domain of social efforts and is tailored to the need of elderly care and Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments (LSS). People with disabilities often experience similar problems to elderly patients as they need assistance in large parts of their lives. VR can assist them without having to do much – they can just sit down and look around while gaining a meaningful activity.

Ignite Sweden matches large companies and the public sector with the most innovative Swedish startups and they help you to get your next B2B customer. According to Ivan Perlesi, founder and CEO of Virotea, the first customer is the most difficult:

"Organisations may themselves be interested in the services we have to offer, but it’s not for them to decide and make the final decision. Bringing innovation into the public sector is not easy, but Ignite Sweden helped us to actually set up a plan and to stick to it which reduced friction and saved us a lot of time".

Through the curated matchmaking that Ignite Sweden arranges, it has been possible for Virotea to find the right corporate for their technology and they are currently testing ViroteaVR at an LSS facility inRinkeby-Kista.


VR glasses are being sent between different departments in the business so that everyone will get achance to try, but several users have already expressed a desire to have VR as a scheduled activity. Virotea's ambition is to promote social participation and mental stimulation through VR and improve living conditions and mental health by stimulating the brain.

Ignite Sweden is a national non-profit program aimed at catalyzing commercial partnershipsbetween small innovative startups and large companies. Since its start in 2017, Ignite has tailored more than 3602 meetings between 648 startups and 216 corporates and public organizations, resulting in over 230 commercial collaborations.

Do you have a great business idea or an amazing technology that has everything to become the next big thing?

Ignite Sweden is constantly scouting startups, so make sure your company has a profile on Ignite Magic - so that they can easily find you next time a company is looking for a startup like yours!

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