On the 6th of May, we are hosting a talk aimed at women curious about becoming angel investors.

We are looking for future female angel investors to join our network!


Do you want to learn more about how to start investing?

Meet four female investors and learn how and why they became angel investors, and what it takes to join them.

- How to start and what steps should you take
- Learn about the support net and the community
- Q&A - get the answers you need to start

Early investors are key for the success of young, innovative companies – startups. But a minority of the investors are women. The lack of early female investors means that we miss opportunities to invest in for instance female health. Also to get other perspectives on the businesses and opportunities. More women as investors also have a positive impact on the number of women led startups – as role models and investors. Are you one of us?


Magdalena Gräff, angel investor & entrepreneur, that focuses on diversity and impact investing. Angel investor in 14+ companies, both direct and in funds. Magdalena has co-founded 4 companies in tech and investing.

Cecilia Hedenborn, long experience in the financial sector, primarily working with financing, liquidity, and risk management. For the past 2 years involved in the family business with a focus on asset management and direct investments in start-ups and unlisted companies. Invested in 12+ companies with a main focus on impact investments.

Jeanette Andersson is CEO at Minc and has been investing in startups for about 10 years. She has initiated and setup the business angel investment scheme Fast Track Capital I and II and involved in female investment schemes Rising Tide and Queen Invest. Jeanette is on the board of among others Invest in Skåne, LU Holding and MU Holding.

Anna Langåker has a background in top management in both private and listed companies within e-commerce. Angel investor and investor in 10+ companies, direct and in funds. Since 2010 Anna runs her own business as a consultant and board member.

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