Welcome to Open Desk on Thursday, May between 09:30 and 11:30

[VIRTUAL] Open Desk with Square Culture


UPDATE: Due to high risk of coronavirus, we at Minc, decided to temporarily postpone all the physical meetings and look forward to meeting you in the virtual world :)

On this edition of Open Desk, Minc is hosting Square Culture, a Minc Startup Labs company working with qualitative research and insight analysis consultancy. Book your slot and talk to them about the following topics:

- How to plan your market research
- How to find and approach participants
- How to produce relevant insights

And anything else related to market research!

This Open Desk will be a bit different and will start with a  15-minute introduction about Square Cultures approach to market research and why qualitative methods can help startups understand better what problem they can solve for customers. They will also give a few tips
on how to do research in a way that saves time and requires little resources.

Who we are: Linn Bjorklund, Manuela Boghian, Vera Johansson and Sahra Rosenkvist, four enthusiastic insight analysts who form Square Culture, a qualitative research and insight analysis consultancy based in Malmö. We work internationally to help organizations understand their customers, employees and communities by generating fresh insights about human experience in different settings. We have done research in the fields of market research, product development, urban planning and organizational culture. Read more about us and get in touch here: squareculture.se/team


Book your 20 minutes slot through this link.

This is open to all currently at Minc and it’s free of charge.


About Open Desk:

Open Desk is an opportunity to the entrepreneurs at Minc, to get one-on-one advice provided by other institutions operating within the Öresund region and within the Innovation system free of charge.

Minc will host someone working within the Innovation system to be at Startup Labs and the entrepreneurs will then have the chance to drop by for advice. The institutions as well as the person representing it will be announced prior to each edition highlighting which topics are available for consultation. (Check Minc website, Minc Insider and/or the Newsletter to be up-to-date).

There is no booking needed, simply drop by at the set time and date to talk directly with the person available at the Open Desk that week and make the best out of your time!

This is open to all currently at Minc and it’s free of charge.

This is an event by Minc.

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