Trademark protection – How to think?

Minc, Startup Labs, Anckargripsgatan 3, 211 19, Malmö

About this talk:

The trademark is in many cases the company's most valuable asset, but keeping track of the trademark is easy to underrate. In our digital world, everyone can see what you do, if you use someone else´s brand, you can expect it to be detected and you're getting into trouble. Through a trademark presentation that tells you about actual cases for well-known companies - and the problems these companies encountered - you will get a good idea of how to work with the legal part of your brand. Some questions that will be discussed are;

• Do you own your trademark or do you use someone else?

• Can your brand get registered?

• What happens if someone else owns the right to your brand in a country you want to expand to or are already active in?

• Best Practice

Lina from InstanTM and Frida from their partner Otmore Limited will together hold a presentation on trademark protection, aimed at both small and large companies.


All participants are offered after the presenation to book free trademark strategy advices and a legal trademark analysis. Take the opportunity to get a closer look at your trademark!

About the speakers

They work with intellectual properties and help start-ups, scale-ups and growing companies quality assure and establish an suitable trademark strategy in an early stage.

InstanTM is based in Gothenburg and they cooperate with a larger trademark bureau, Otmore Limited, which is based in Malta.

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This event is open to all and free to attend. Seats are limited.

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