Game Habitat invites you all to a post-Creative Coast and Nordic Game wrap-up session!

THE WRAP-UP! by Game Habitat

Minc, Startup Labs, Anckargripsgatan 3, 211 19, Malmö

Welcome to THE WRAP-UP!

Game Habitat invites you all to a post-Creative Coast and Nordic Game wrap-up session!

Come and relax over a nice brunch with wraps (of course it is a wrap-up!), drinks and games!

For those who missed some of the talks or the entire festival and conference, do not worry, we got you covered! Come and catch up with the week highlights and latest news!

For those who went to Creative Coast and/or Nordic Game, it is a great opportunity to wind down and just chill out, have a beer and talk about your impressions of both events!


// SNEAK PEEK! There will be some demos from games currently in develpment for people to have a go.

// WANT TO PLAYTEST YOUR GAME? If you want to demo your game at our event, please contact me on


// FREE event, but registration is required. Limited places.

// CHANGE OF PLANS? If you signed-up but no longer can make it, please cancel your ticket so a happy person from our waiting list can take your spot.

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