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Bad sleep and stress are huge problems in society and also a source to other diseases like depression, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. But there are ways to prevent both stress and sleeping problems and also ways to get early warnings in order not to get seriously ill. The Minc Alumni Learning to sleep has been working with these issues for over 10 years and is today one of the leading companies in Europe when it comes to treatment of sleeping disorder and prevention of stress. Listen to Helena and Micael and take the first step towards a more stressless day and better sleep.

This talk will cover: 

- Stress, why do we get stressed and what happens in the body

- Sleep, why do we sleep bad and what happens when we don’t get enough sleep

- Some advice - what can I do in order to sleep better and stress less

- Summing up, what should be the next step for me

- Q & A

About Learning to Sleep

Learning to Sleep works for a non location based and drug-free healthcare that allows more people to get help with their sleep problems. We believe in an accessible, digital healthcare where a persons current life situation, place of residence or long waiting times do not limit or stand in the way of professional care. Our treatment is clinically proven and has over 90 percent success rate.


Helena Kubicek : Helena is a psychologist and one of Sweden's most experienced sleep experts. She has written several books on the topic and is frequently used as a speaker in events around health and life quality. She also just released her first crime novel in Sweden.

Micael Gustafsson: Micael is the CEO of Learning to Sleep and has a background as a tech entrepreneur. He is a frequent speaker around sleep, stress and how bad sleeping behaviour has affected especially the tech industry. Micael also believes that the health care will never be the same again and that disruptive digital health companies will be the ones who saves the world.

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