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The demand for software developers is sky-rocketing. And it’s not only you and other tech startups competing against each other to attract the best talent. In fact, companies of all sizes, across all industries and sectors, need tech competence these days. So, how do you find and reach out to developers that are not actively looking for work? And how can you, with limited resources compete with well paying establish corporations? During this session you will learn how to find great talent, what software developers value in their workplace, and how to highlight the benefits of working at a startup

Vanja - Tech Advisor at Minc
Vanja works as CTO at Tengai Unbiased, providing an unbiased recruitment solution using conversational AI and robotics. She has co-founded Pink Programming, Sweden's no1 community for female developers. That combined with over 8 years of developer experience from large corporations and small startups, She has personal experience from both sides of the recruitment coin.

This workshop is based on Vanja's personal insights from coding with thousands of developers and her discussions about diversity and recruitment with over 100 companies. The workshop also covers some findings from the latest Stack Overflow Developer Survey.

Although the workshop is targeted towards startups who are hiring, anyone with an interesting in hiring diverse tech talent can benefit from the hands on tips shared during the session.

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