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Tech Talks -Digging for Gold

A deep dive in products that ended up winning international awards and recognition


May 19, 2021




10:00 am
How you go from the "abstract" to the "tangible"

A deep dive in products  Sebastian & Johan have built that ended up winning international awards and recognition.

Was it pure luck or can you copy the process and translate it to other products?

We'll share our process in how we build and test things in hours instead of days / weeks. And why.

How you can translate "user research, strategy documents, KPI's" to "product features".

We'll use familiar tools in unconventional ways. And how we use those tools to back-test other known products so we know we're using the tools in the right way.

How can you give your users that magic "Celiné Dion" experience → and why is that important? We'll look at some examples together.

Sebastian Otarola, Technology Adviser in Minc, tinkerer and builder of things. CTO at, Former Head of Innovation at NORD DDB and Creative Director at Starcounter. Built prototypes, MVP's and products for companies as SVT (Musikhjälpen), McDonalds, Klarna, Samsung, Elgiganten, 7-eleven + more.

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