This event is for students and startups to mingle and find the right fit, whether it is for a job opening, internship or something else.

Student Startup Matching


It’s once again time for our popular Student Startup Matching event!

For students

At Student Startup Matching, students will get the opportunity to listen and talk to a wide range of startups and to discuss different kinds of collaborations together, such as job openings, freelance gigs, internships or thesis placements. The perfect opportunity and an excellent experience on your resume!

The event will take place March 31st. And of course, given the current restrictions and everyone’s safety, the event will take place Corona safe online.

You’ll need a ticket to attend. Tickets are FREE, but limited! Tickets out NOW, get yours in the link below!

For startups

Are you a startup with a lot of new exciting projects and need help from a student? Then you should join Student startup matching!
At Student startup matching you get the opportunity to pitch your open position (internship, part-time internship, part-time job, co-founder, team-member) in front of 200 students. Students who find your startup interesting will apply for the position and mingle with you at the event.

This is a great opportunity to find really qualified students with a specific expertise. It could be within marketing, programming, social media, product-development, graphical design, design and many more.
This event will be held digital this spring.

What do we need from you?
– Fill in a form to apply (below)

If you get selected:
– Select one contact person
– Send us your startup logo and team picture
– 45 sec pitch (we’ll send instructions)
– Show up at the event (1 hour)
– Mingle with the students in your own room (1 hour)
– This event will be held in english

For more info:

Apply here:

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