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Startups + ESG from an investor perspective


August 31, 2021




12:00 am

Join our lunch talk to learn how startups could (and should) implement ESG* in their business from an investor point of view.

In this lunch talk, you will listen to Alexander Viterbo-Horten, Investment Director at PreSeed Ventures (PSV), introducing you to ESG for tech startups with some examples and tools to turn great intentions into great impact. Get tips for how to become more sustainable in your own startup, paving the way for your investments and customers agreements!

And bring your questions for Q&A!

Alexander Viterbo-Horten is the Investment Director at PreSeedVentures (PSV) and has several years of experience with seed funding in early startups. He is working for PSV, an early-stage VC based in Copenhagen and with a history of backing over 400 startups in their early phases.

*Environmental Social Governance - the three aspects of sustainability

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