Make your own todo-app and learn more about tech for mental health!

Pink Sunday with Minc

Minc, Anckargripsgatan 3, Malmö

Happiness starts here!

Would you want to discover how mental health could be improved using technology? and would you also like to join our exciting coding session, creating your own todo application?

Then we're very happy to welcome you to this year's first physical programming event in Malmö at Minc!

Inspirational speaker: Katalin Vikuk will speak about how technology can help mental health, focusing on her current project for Heka VR. She will also tell us about her experiences as a woman in tech without any prior tech background.

Workshop: Ellie Fagerberg will teach us how to make a functional todo application.

Code languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Level: Intermediate (open to beginners who want a challenge as well!).

Details and free tickets below!

Pink Sundays are Pink Programming's popular coding events where women, transgender, and non-binary people can meet up, code and network together!

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