Welcome to Open Desk on Thursday, April 5th between 9:30 and 11:30

Open Desk at StartupLabs with Oscar Collins

Minc, Startup Labs, Anckargripsgatan 3, 211 19, Malmö

Welcome to another edition of Open Desk!

This week we’re hosting Oscar Collins from our in-house startups Pej.

You can come by and talk to him about the following topics: 
  • How to get organic reach and engaged followers.
  • How important creativity is to your work.
  • The latest trends in Growth hacking and automation use.

Oscar Collins has grown several companies over a very short period of time through creative growth marketing and automation use. Some previous companies he has worked with are; Biohax international, Refract, and Drink Leaf. In total, he has generated close to 100 000 engaged followers and page likes combined within less of a year which includes his personal account with over 20 000 followers with a great community. All this was done with basically a non existent budget. Today he is sitting in Minc working with the fintech company Pej helping them create digital awareness.

For more info on her background, please visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oscar-collins/


Drop by: first come, first served. There’s no booking, just come downstairs at StartupLabs and talk directly to Mikaela. 

This is open to all currently at Minc and it’s free of charge.


About Open Desk:

Open Desk is an opportunity to the entrepreneurs at Minc to get one-on-one advice provided by other institutions operating within the Öresund region and within the Innovation system free of charge. 

Minc hosts people from our community working within the Innovation system to be at StartupLabs and the entrepreneurs will then have the chance to drop by for advice. The institutions as well as the person representing it will be announced highlighting which topics are available for consultation. (Check minc website, Minc Insider and/or the Newsletter to be up-to-date).

There is no booking needed, simply drop by at the set time and date to talk directly with the person available at the Open Desk that week and make the best out of your time! 

This is open to all currently at Minc and it’s free of charge. 

This is an initiative by Minc.

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