Welcome to Open Desk on Thursday, Octoberr 21th between 09:30 and 11:30

Open Desk at StartupLabs with Mariwan Baker

Startup Labs, Minc, Anckargripsgatan 3, 211 19, Malmö

On this edition of Open Desk Minc is hosting Mariwan Baker, Founder and Chairman of Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation (BHHF), an International Charity organization (founded in 2015 by a former refugee), with Headquarters based in Malmö. You can come and talk to Mariwan about the following topics:

-   The power of HOPE to reach your goals

-   Innovations in the Humanitarian World

Mariwan Baker has been involved in various humanitarian efforts since the late 1990’s. As a survivor of the 8-year Iran-Iraq war, the chemical attack on Halabja, the Kuwait war and massive Kurdish exodus during the first Gulf War, Dr. Baker sought to always provide assistance to others in need. In 1992, at age 19, he migrated to Sweden and remained refugee for three years, living in eight different refugee camps outside of the city of Stockholm.

Dr. Baker, now holder of a PhD and two master’s degrees from Scandinavia, left a decade long medical career to dedicate his time to serving humanity by establishing Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation.

About Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation:

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation values partnership, and we are proud to have built productive partnerships with donation, logistics, distribution and institutional partners, including multinational corporations, government agencies, NGOs, advisory groups, local groups and grassroots organizations.

Since our inception, Bring Hope is proud to have aligned our mission and strategies as an organization with nine of the 17 sustainable development goals and we will continue to work towards these goals to reach a more harmonious, improved existence for those we serve by 2030.

We are proud to have reached over 2.3m people through our aid donations since beginning our operations in 2015, delivering over 137m USD of humanitarian and medical aid items to communities across the world.


Drop by: first come, first served. There’s no booking, just come downstairs at Startup Labs and talk directly to Mariwan.

This is open to all currently at Minc and it’s free of charge.


About Open Desk:

Open Desk is an opportunity to the entrepreneurs at Minc, more specifically the ones at StartupLabs, to get one-on-one advice provided by other institutions operating within the Öresund region and within the Innovation system free of charge.

Minc will host someone working within the Innovation system to be at StartupLabs  and the entrepreneurs will then have the chance to drop by for advice. The institutions as well as the person representing it will be announced prior to each edition highlighting which topics are available for consultation. (Check minc website, Minc Insider and/or the Newsletter to be up-to-date).

There is no booking needed, simply drop by at the set time and date to talk directly with the person available at the Open Desk that week and make the best out of your time!

This is open to all currently at Minc and it’s free of charge.

This is an initiative by Minc.

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