The Nordic's best event for startups and investors to connect and network.

Nordic Demo Day

Nordic Demo Day is an intimate and cozy event focused on bringing together regional startups, international investors, and possible business partners in a setting encouraging meaningful conversations.

Quality Matchmaking

Get access to quality investor and capital contacts. With 50 investors attending, you will find your perfect match. You will join our online matchmaking system, for an easy and efficient way to find the ideal startup-investor fit, and meet in our Dealroom.

17 May - VC Investor Meet-up

16:00 VC-only Boule Game
18:00 VC-only Dinner
18:00 - Startup Dinner at Minc

18 May - Nordic Demo Day

‍09:30 - Breakfast
10:00 - Dealroom open
10:15 - Welcome & Stage Opening
10:30 - Pre seed
12:00 - Food tech startups
12:30 - B2B Seed Startups
13:30 - B2C Seed Startups
14:00 - Fintech Seed Startups
15:00 - HealthTech Seed Startups
16:00 - Blockchain Seed Startups
16:30 - Climate Tech Seed Startups
18:00 - Dinner and Party!

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