Welcome to Ideon Innovation for the 2nd talk on the series New Perspectives in Business!

New Perspectives in Business #2: Diversity and Organization Hacking with Sofia Falk

Ideon Innovation - Scheelevägen 15, 223 70 Lund, Sweden

On this second edition we invite Sofia Falk (We are the story doers) to take the stage to talk about diversity in business and how we can make it count. Sofia Falk is an organizational hacker that sees the corporate world as her playground. 


This is an hour where you get to listen to real life examples for how large corporations are finding easy and applicable solutions to achieve diversity. How can an increased level of diversity improve decision making, motivate employees and of course find the competens that can help your company thrive?

This event is free to attend and all are welcome, seats are limited. The talk will be in English! Please register: https://www.digiviter.com/view-event/mte2mtq1nzk


New Perspectives in Business is a series that aims to share insights on new trends that are impacting innovation and consequently how new business and collaborations happen. We invite inspiring women to take the stage and offer their unique perspective on the crossing of business and innovation in order to enlighten and empower the audience with resources and ideas that can be applied in their own ventures. Minc and Ideon are hosting the series as part of the project Business Incubation 2020 that is partially financed by the EU.

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