Welcome to Minc for our next Minc/Talks together with STUDIO MALMÖ:

Minc/Talks: Inclusive Futures - A Vision for 2030 with Cornelia Daheim

Minc, Anckargripsgatan 3, 211 19, Malmö

Minc/Talks: Inclusive Futures - A Vision for 2030 with Cornelia Daheim 

The talk will focus on the vision of and current steps towards creating an inclusive society - a society that is more open to all in all fields of live, from work to mobility to leisure. Backed by a UN resolution, this vision has gained traction in its realization concerning e.g. inclusion of people with disabilities or the LBGT community. Reporting e.g. from a strategy and dialogue process with a major NGO focused on inclusion, it will line out critical trends in the field as well as those those might endanger or drive it forward, and paint a vision of a more inclusive Europe in 2030 

About the speaker: 

Cornelia Daheim is a foresight expert and consultant, founder and principal of Future Impacts. Since 2000, she has been leading corporate foresight projects for corporate customers such as Alstom, SKT or BASF, up to CEO level, and public sector projects, e.g. within the framework of international as well as European research networks. Other customers include Arval, Givaudan, BMW, EnBW, EWE, The Korean innovation institute STEPI, the European Parliament or the European Commission. In recent years, her topic focus was on the future of work, societal change, and the future of energy and mobility. 


In collaboration with STUDIO:

The region of Malmö is one of the most innovative in the world. We have successful researchers, vital incubators, talented and ambitious people and a dynamic corporate environment. We also have a lively cultural scene and vibrant restaurants and cafés.These three areas depend on each other. Without good working environment nothing gets done, without unexpected meetings and nice places to hang out it´s hard to think in new ways. And without culture you get no inspiration.That’s why we build a house where all the building blocks for innovation and creativity is in place, regardless of what business you are in – Welcome to STUDIO.

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