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Is the price of your offer relevant?

How to set the right price for the market


December 12, 2019



10:00 am

Is the price of your offer relevant?

We put a lot of efforts innovating and developing our new services to attract the right target group, the right content and trying hard to present a creative and innovative solution to the market. As we all know, this can take years. Setting the right price and analyse how much the customers are willing to pay for your service is often something we do with our gut feeling and based on competitors or production cost. Sadly, this takes only a couple of hours…

In 45 minutes, David Åberg from Moderna Kompetenser, will present a structured way to analyse and how to present the right price to the market based on consumers behaviour and price sensitivity.

David Åberg

Co-Founder of Moderna Kompetenser with a background as a management consultant at Mercuri international and eight years as VP Sales in Nordic/Baltics at Nordic Choice Hotels. The experience from sales and hotel pricing has been converted into a new concept of how to set price to sell SaaS solutions and new services/products in a structured and more profitable way. A closer presentation of David Åberg (in Swedish)

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