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Interview with Ian Hathaway - The Startup Community Way

Join us and listen to Jonas Michanek interviewing Ian Hathaway - one of the authors of the best-selling book The Startup Community Way


February 17, 2021



5:00 pm

Malmö's startup scene is vibrant. The latest figures from Niklas Zenström's venture capital company Atomico show that we are among the strongest growing startup clusters in Europe right now. Especially if we see ourselves as a region with Lund, which we should be. But to continue to keep up the pace, continued conversations, visions and initiatives are needed.

To keep the pot boiling, we want to invite you to talk about what our startup region should look like in one , five , and twenty years ahead.

And to start this visionary work, we invited Ian Hathaway, one of the authors of the best-selling book The Startup Community Way. He will give us his input on how to create a startup community and what makes it live and thrive.

This will be a starting point for the vision of building a Startup district  - and we do it as a community where everyone decides and has a responsibility.

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