Join Minc Tech Innovation Challenge and take the chance of winning prizes worth more than 150 000 SEK - Money to be used with support from the Minc Incubator and Tech team to launch an MVP or prototype!

Innovation Challenge


Do you have an innovative and sustainable business idea that you want to realize to become a thriving growth company? We are looking for you who want to be part of creating a more sustainable future! We especially welcome women, aspiring and diverse entrepreneurs and startups to the Minc house to explore how our business developers and tech expertise can help you realise your idea or help your startup.

APPLY HERE - before April 15th. The winners will be announced on April 27th.

We are looking for:

  • Innovation
  • Sustainability - in line with one or more of the UN's 17 sustainability goals
  • Scalability
  • Strong team or person behind the idea
  • Founder driven companies/ideas

Who can apply?

  • You live and / or work in Skåne and has the opportunity to be on site / be partially on site at Minc in Malmö.
  • You have a start-up company (not older than 24 months) or have the intention to register a company shortly.
  • Your focus is to develop a product or service that has a scalable business model with international potential, is new or significantly better than what is on the market today, and is in line with one or more of the UN's 17 sustainability goals.
  • You have got your idea verified from a client/clients or have some form of demo, prototype, or similar on site.
  • Your startup is founder driven, and the team own or at the registration of the company will own at least 75% of the company.
  • You are not already in the Incubator at Minc.

Who wins, and what do you win?
Three winners will receive exclusive prizes worth 150,000 SEK, including 100,000 SEK to be used to launch an MVP/prototype and the remaining competitors will receive support and suggestions on how they can take their idea to the next step. We at Minc love entrepreneurs and want to support people with innovative ideas and solutions. We are here with everything from fine tuning your business plan and defining your product roadmap, to introduce you to investors. We are now opening up for an innovation challenge where all entries are winners.

A jury consisting of representatives from Minc, Almi Invest, Almi företagspartner and Höiberg will select 8 entries that will be selected as nominees and furthermore, out of the 8, select 3 winners.

More about the prizes for the three winners
100,000 SEK - The funds will be used in the winning companies business operations to launch an MVP/Prototype and activities that clearly take the company forward and verify the business idea. Decisions on activities will be made in consultation with Minc's business developers.

A place in the Incubator at Minc
Three winners will each receive a place in the Incubator at Minc. We offer office rent for the first 6 months for up to 2 people, offer space to pitch for investors on Minc Capital day in 2021, business coaching and a fantastic network.

Tech support from Mincs Tech Lab
Get help to build and validate your product and launch a prototype/MVP with the help from our experienced and skilled Tech coaches Vanja, Sebastian, Ulf and Richard.

Advice / Expertise
You will get access to a fantastic network of experts we collaborate with such as our partners; finance, sales and marketing specialists. All there to help you with what you need on the journey ahead.

As part of the tech coach team at Minc, I’m here to help you with all things tech related to getting your idea into a viable product. It can be anything from discussing your product roadmap, technical architecture, framework and tools to how to recruit the first developers to your team. - Vanja Tufvesson, Tech Advisor
I am one of the business coaches at Minc. Me and my colleagues will support you with all you need to succeed on your journey. We focus on your team, product, sales process and marketing as well as sustainability and financing, using inhouse as well as outside expertise to assist you best way possible. - Mikael Funa, Business Coach

Vanja Tufvesson & Mikael Funa

About Minc
We at the Startup house Minc have helped hundreds of start-ups to take on the world. We work with start-up companies that have innovative ideas and global ambitions. At Minc, we offer coaching and consulting in business / product / tech development, capital raising, marketing, sales and team building.

About Agenda 2030
Agenda 2030 is central to us and we believe that it is for you who read this as well. It's all about a plan to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all of us, by 2030. 17 clear global goals have been set and we want the ideas that come to us to solve the problems in one of the 17 areas. Read more about Agenda 2030 here

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